Awkward Lap Dance Leads To Bizarre TSA Took My Weed 2 days ago   25:40

Josh Wolf

Sometimes at the end of my late shows I invite 3 audience members up to the stage to do an interpretive dance battle. One of them made me laugh so much, she gave me an awkward lap dance and her boyfriend got super jealous.

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He actually left her?.?. Lmao what an immature punk! Funny as HELL!
Courtney Lynn Sechrist
My cherry is being popped all over the place XD Had me dying hahaha
Alexis Marthaler
The 2nd guy is so me 🤣
what a fucking slut
Precise Skillz Gaming
I would've left her there too
Trace Mahood
drunk as FUCK
Joan Hinz
Oh my god. Girl dropped more than an edible. 😂
James On 26’s
This was awesome haha
1234 _8314
The boyfriend left with the waitress
Allison Hare
Isn't it funny how life happens sometimes?? A lot of times Hahahahaha
Chilts 075
I would've left her too the slut can die for all I care
Jackson Pergley
This is how you have fun people
My Gaming Corner
If it was a guy dancing and touching all over a woman on stage and the chick wold of let people wold be good he is a womanizer you dont need hem but if the chick thats a slut get dump oh boy
Andrew Gaming
my guy when are u coming to florida
Sooky Sook
I wanna watch this but I really don't want my face to implode
Violet Kingston
She's not a slut guys, she's high. Lmao. But she is irresponsible for being high when in public because she could get hurt or make terrible choices.
She was NOT hot. If she even got near me like that I would be like "alright thats a little to much for me"
Jennifer Dennis
*does she not realize that he's married and that she os on WAY more than edibles......*
Dr Man
One hump too far
Well you do say you like weird shit and that was some weird shit 😆
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TSA Took My Weed Awkward Lap Dance Leads To Bizarre 2 days ago   08:47


I flew to Canada and they took my weed. Be very careful when you travel with almonds everybody... TSA can be sneaky, they tricked me a few times. Haaaaa!

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