How I Learned to Solve the Rubik's Cube Inflate Balloons by SUCKING 2 weeks ago   11:47

Mike Boyd
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In this episode, I learn something I thought was previously reserved only for geniuses: solving the FULL RUBIK’S CUBE BLINDFOLDED! The ultimate #BirdBoxChallenge
My journey began over 9 months ago when I Learned to solve the 2x2x2 cube Blindfolded, you can watch that here:

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Learn to whistle really loud without using your fingers
yobro manson
Thank you so much. At first I thought you were some stupid lame channel learning how to juggle and thinking it's impressive until I saw you then teach it to that awkward looking clumsy grandma type girl. And you did it!
You inspired me to start writing up extensive plans and a script and keep doing it every day until I thought I had it perfect. I then proceeded to acting and practicing it and saw how many more chances I had to mess up but I kept at it for days, weeks months learning millions of possible combinations; it had to be absolutely perfect if I was to succeed.
I'm happy to announce that I've finally become a millionaire using YOUR techniques! All those months of extensive planning and then role-playing through millions of combinations with my friends has led me to succeed in robbing 92 banks with perfect precision to date.
I've now reached mastery where it's become an absolute thrill and pleasure and it's all thanks to you man, huge inspiration! *Clap* *clap* *clap* *crap* *clap* *clap* *CLap* *fap* *cLaP* *clapclapclapclapfapcapfapfapfapclapclapclapclap*
Alin-Constantin Paun
Great video, Mike!
Thank you for the effort and dedication you are putting in each video! I've been an early subscriber and follower and I've found great inspiration on this channel since day one. Keep on with inspiring other people and creating great content. Stay true to your beliefs and keep on! You rock!
For anyone trying to learn this, I would recommend J Perms video on using old pochmann method, add you only need like 3 algorithms and it's way more intuitive
Crotin Crotilski
Do you know yes theory ? They think a lot like you and they are very cool too
OL Cubing
do you really use zhanchi?
Vallentin Lövström Wadell
But whats up with IQ then? Dont we all have different levels of capacity in our brains and so on? I mean not many people are as smart as einstein so how could you say that the average person could figure out the same stuff as he did?
Not to brag but I can do the 1*1 blindfolded.
“If I can remember correctly” *holds up ipad and reads it*
neilj 345
What do I do in my spare time? I watch a Scottish man way over celebrate learning something pointless. And l love it.
Lin Livrin
you should do learning a new language
Emiliano Elizalde
skillshare is like THE perfect sponsor for this channel
max malinsky
how do you know yo solved it? just a little little little bit fishy
bag as
You motivate me to learn this skill. I managed to learn it within 7 hours and be able to solve my first cube blindfolded. 👍
I heard that learning a language is way different than learning other skills and would honestly love to see your take on learning a non alphabetic language fast!
I. Am. Inspired.
i can just imagine in my head mike taking over the world record of solving the rubiks cube blindfolded and just jumping up and down saying YES 😂😂😂
You’ve gotta learn how to learn how to do it without righting the letters down. So memorise the letters in your mind instead of writing it down.
Ryan Jarrett vlogs
Logic did this with his eyes closed and freestyling... just sayin
Finfoulis 07
Hi I noticed that you live in Broughty Ferry and I’m hoping that I can meet someone so AMAZING like you

Keep doing what you are good at
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Inflate Balloons by SUCKING How I Learned to Solve the Rubik's Cube 2 weeks ago   10:36

In today's video we're building a machine that inflates a balloon without having to blow any air into it and then filling the balloon with things that wouldn't usually fit inside it!

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