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How does Frank Heckenast Jr. of the World of Outlaws Craftsman Late Model Series do a week's worth of Late Model car prep in just hours? Late Model racing comes down to teamwork, along with the help of Craftsman tools. Next World of Outlaws video:

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This World of Outlaws video focuses on Late Model racing and maintenance with Craftsman tools.

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Dale olson
Backround music junked video👎🏻
J Dial
I love this type of video that shows what is needed to fix and maintain a race car. Thanks!
Nolan Tuttle
Come back to Benton County Speedway during Deery brother
I just got sockets warranted and if it's craftsman it is still lifetime warranty.
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Take a tour of this incredible World of Outlaws: Late Model 3 months ago   17:47

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