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The AVGN reviews the Aladdin Deck Enhancer! In this Angry Video Game Nerd (episode 167) the Nerd gets the gift that keeps on giving from Aladdin... an upper decker! Well, the Aladdin "Upper Decker" Enhancer for the NES that is. This piece of toilet waste was made in 1992, during the decline of the Nintendo Entertainment System by the guys who made the Game Genie. It has very few games, like Big Nose Freaks Out, a bunch of Dizzy the Egg titles, and of course Micro Machines. The Nerd WISHES he didn't have to review it!

**in order of appearance**

Aladdin played by Tony from Hack the Movies

Genie voiced/animated by Kieran

Special thanks to everyone that sent us clips and helped out!

Gaming Historian
Game Sack
Stop Skeletons From Fighting
Mega 64, Rocco
Cannot Be Tamed
John Riggs
Ircha Gaming
Radical Reggie
Erin Plays
RGT85 - Shawn
Candi's Classic Game Shrine
Game Dave
Pixel Game Squad

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Special thanks to all the YouTubers who sent in clips for the ending. Check out the description for links to their channels! AVGN fire NES skin by CustomNESGuy:
Nathan Boatright
He should do one on marvel games in time of endgame
tehdaydreamer 89
Avgn you got the best retro content alive out there! thx 4 that
Most elsagate genie ever.
Griffith Moony
The Aladdin game actually looks slightly worse
that last wish was crazy
I don't remember the Aladdin Deck enhancer
did we stop numbering the AVGN Episodes? Wouldnt this be in the 160's?
Christopher Mata
You should have played dizzy on the amiga 32 😈😈
Glitch The Digital Demon
Hilarious how the Nerd is mean to the genie for absolutely no reason.
I have a feeling the smart people at game genie had left by the time this was produced. This smells of managers that don't have a clue pushing the idea. "Hey guys! This will reduce our costs in making the product! It doesn't do anything for the customer so there's no reason they'd want it." The fact it was released when the next generation of consoles were out is just icing on the cake though.
Azure Neko
Dude should review a PS2 game called Extermination
Versatile Element
Can you imagine Disney's Aladdin doing a double-decker?
Irishstile Perryman
Who was that @ 20:15? She's cute!
Lucas_Gaming2245 Leo
@Cinemassacre, this, the 32x, or LJN video Ass art?
Kris Frederick
Great crescendo that was well done my friends. Keep up the good work
Borderlands2 Zer0
I used to know someone who worked at ljn and I hated them after watching this series
J. C.
For 3 million subscribers, I wanna see the nerd review Manhunt or the older GTA games. I know they’re not bad. I just wanna see him review them.
Franniel Martinez
Remind me if AVGN reviewed some Sonic Spin-offs, cuz they we're garbage back in the 90's
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Tomb Raider Games - Angry Aladdin Deck Enhancer (NES) 2 weeks ago   18:58

Tomb Raider Games - Angry Video Game Nerd (Episode 159)
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