Sir Bill Cash questions legality Sparks fly as Sir Bill Cash MP debates 1 day ago   16:24

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Sir Bill Cash MP has been asking this question for days now, but simply is not getting an answer.
This is his full speech from tonight's debate.
Watch as the govt frontbench squirms each time the camera pans to them.
The undemocratic & potentially illegal methods employed by Downing St to thwart #Brexit is astounding.
This is not over, just yet.

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john stroud
So we do have at least one MP who understand's his job as an MP and is actually trying to do it
Colin Barnsdale
These scumbags in parliment would sooner play on there phones ,than listen to what sir Bill Cash Is Saying.this is why parliment is not fit for purpose the speaker is just a waste of space.
Pat Johnson
We GB left the EU on the 29th of March end of story we left by default . Conservative's are lying to the people of GB
Kirsty Mullen
Up most respect for sir bill cash,shame the rest are slimy parasitic snakes.
George Thompson
Cash is just despicable. A worshipper of Trump tells me all I need to know.
Don Baker
excellent . . .
William Gillbanks
Good on you ,but it will be ignored by May and it looked to me the Attorney General was not interested in this disclosure of the law regarding Brexit even though he is a leaver, mm wonder why?.
Thomas H.
I Saw this live.
A shudder ran down my spine.
This lying crybaby remainer action is just plain wrong.
We see.
You will never be forgiven.
You will now reap the whirlwind
We are not fooled.
Thomas H.
We are witnessing the death of democracy,
And further, The creation of a Banana Republic.
We the People find you in contempt of Democracy with your traitorous actions.
So what steps will Bill Cash take to get something done about the Legality of the extension & the answer is " Absolutely Nothing because he is part of the Establishment who rule the majority with their minority" Wealthy vs the commoners so no contest when you have all the Cash 😀😀😀😀😀
Bob McGivern
What a comfort to know that someone is keeping this autocrat of a PM in check
Chris Van Bekkum
The law is being manipulated to serve the left wing radicals world wide . This leads me to believe that a majority of lawyer, judges, legislators are CORRUPT!!
Sirian Seed
You should be prosecuted government when Bill Cash wins... He will have many followers because you the goverenment haven't done what we the people voted on.... Leave the EU.....
Christine Copus
Good old bill ,a very honourable pm unlike some of them.
Christine Copus
The government is shirking there responsibility to try & hide the fact they are guilty.
Bill Cash - a knowledgeable voice of sense and reason amidst this debacle.
It's seems 'they' make and break the rules as they go along. What is the point of putting dates into law if they are continually dismissed? The whole system is corrupt.
David Wilkin
The Government are in breach of the sacred pact with the British People, they should be impeached and an investigation into the true nature of the collusion with the EU on this betrayal made. Heads must roll!
Lorraine Charles
Don't bother voting in any elections as the government don't take any notice of what you vote for they will do what they want anyway. I'm for the BREXIT party.
David from ENGLAND
Thank you Sir Cash. .
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Sparks fly as Sir Bill Cash MP debates Sir Bill Cash questions legality 1 day ago   15:42

"What we are is democrats supporting the vote of the British people... That is something to fight for, because this is about democracy, it's about integrity, it's about fighting for principle..."