Tame Impala - Borderline (Official Arctic Monkeys - One Point Perspective 1 day ago   04:36

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An Island Records Australia release © 2019 Modular Recordings. Marketed and distributed by Universal Music Australia Pty Ltd.

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Victor Matheus
Parece uma das músicas da rádio do GTA "Vice City". Legal. :)
Haise Sasaki
sztosowa nuta
Thank God these guys exist!!!!!!!
Dr Multitask
Kevin Parker you beautiful genius
sepp killz
An instant bop
Paulo Henrique Soares de Oliveira
Rádio CBN!
Esaú Torres
I love u parker! I love u a lot!!!!!
Odd question but Can someone please tell me where I can get that jacket
HMF hkf
Holy shit..
This is so good, it’s like 2 am and I was having a bad day but this lightened it up
Let high Lice z.z 1:46
Jamir Soup
I'm a fool for never getting into Tame Impala sooner😖😖 their vibes are super addicting!! Ugh😩😩💖💖
I hope the rest of the album has other sexy tunes like this
Every time I listen to this it makes me dance. Even if I don't want to. I just cannot be still. It's something physiological. Every single one of the trillion times.
Mauricio lam
Más de lo mismo ... pero bueno.
Evelyn Adry Avila Gómez
Te pinches amo❤❤
oxy 75
Yiit JB
Album this summer 😁
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Arctic Monkeys - One Point Perspective Tame Impala - Borderline (Official 1 day ago   03:29

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