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David Cameron came from a wealthy Jewish banking family , Mays mother was Jewish her name spelt the Jewish way Rachael ,Raab is Jewish the list goes on and is a long one then they have their Masonic society the Masons who are endemic throughout every government dept , home /foreign office ,judiciary ,police ect ect, the tory party backers are the rich Jewish owned corporations , there are power struggles going on in the labour party , the jewish unions , and the tory party ,
The jews are pulling out all the stops to get rid of any opposition to them getting control over the labor party /the house and the cabinet , point any of this out and will called Racist /anti Semite /denier what ever they can come up with to to discredit you and get their man/woman in and the fight is hotting up as all jews in the house are called upon to do their duty whether they Tory or labor .
And why is it people think that Jews in positions of power are such a bad idea ? its because its instilled in them from young that their first duty is to Israel ,no matter where they are in the world or what position they hold ,but this then makes any oath they have taken like to serve this country and or the people invalid because they already taken an oath to serve Israel this then in effect makes them an agent for another country .
Of course no of this ever makes it into the news channels you dont want to go upsetting the public .
So i dont know you tell me whats going to happen !
saiga shotgun
No need to listen after 5:54 where Mr. Barnier says on NI-Ireland border: There will be no legally operational backstop, there will be no agreement. Clear and simple... I haven´t heard any british proposal which would comply with GFA and with leaving CU at the same time.
wolfie smith
wolfie smith
John The lion heart
W.T.O blah blah blah blah
Let’s just get away from these bastards
Jacob White
We should go back in time and tell Napoleon that he shouldn’t bother with the Continental blockade... he could simply let Britain do Brexit LOL...

PS: Maybe we should’ve listened to Charles de Gaulle more....
Ivar Lira
Why leave?
kirk UK
Cameron went too the EU and basically asked for help, the EU sent this perfectly decent man back with a flea in his ear, they miscalculated the mood of the people in the UK and are doing so in ignoring the people of Italy on their concerns about ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION, when you listen to the media in the UK (the only person to publicly say that the media is on the left side of UK politics is Eamonn Holmes, THEY ARE CREATING A VOICE FOR THE FAR RIGHT, nice to hear that the BBC has already classed the middle of the road Frank Field as being FAR RIGHT, judge by his voice, far right my A--E, BUT LETS LYNCH HIM ANYWAY yadayada blah blah blah
NO DEAL - Tell the EU and this slimy frog to fuck right off.

WTO terms and we need to stop buying from France, Ireland and Germany.
kirk UK
Referendums are possibly the worst judge of a nation's intent, the UK voted to leave, the people that voted to remain are rightly aggrieved, they want another (peoples vote) to basically overturn the 2016 result, I voted to leave, but If we have another vote and the result is 51% remain and 49% leave, where do we go, the fact is that Labour and some Tories will overturn the peoples decision, my only question is this, If we accepted the Scottish peoples vote to remain in the UK, should we not then accept the majority of the people of the UNITED KINGDOM,s decision to leave?
The British Government have been selling arms to Saudi and to ISIS affiliates. They have used these weapons to murder innocent civilians. Are they not ashamed of themselves? Maybe the Eaton education is not what it used to be.
Am I alone seeing that Michael Barnier was concrete and straight to the point and Dominic Raab just bullshitting? What did he really said? Is it your negotiator, for real? Now I fully understand why there is no agreement. Where are the facts, where are concrete proposals, recognition of still open topics? Anything except bullshit.
The Best of the best sentence "I am stubbornly optimistic". Is he handicapped? Straight to the point man, straight to the point....
Martin Turták
it is not funny that country who invented migration and took over 1/3 of world is now complaining about about people coming to their country ??
In 2014 35.6% of the UK electorate voted in the EU elections. In 2016, 52% of the UK electorate voted to leave the EU. It's reasonable to apply this to the 2014 vote. This means only around 17% of the UK electorate want EU governance over their lives enough to participate in the democratic process (compared to 66.4% in the 2015 general election for UK parliament). This is strong evidence the people of the UK are just not interested in being in the EU. More evidence of this is the low turnout on the march for a second vote (less than 10 000).... It's all just an establishment charade.
Geert De Coster
Somehow some Brits believe it's alright to keep insulting neighbours... I hope that ends soon too!
david clarke
Just tell us what the funking deal is dont Fuck about not with us
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