Watch MPs grill the Brexit secretary Who are the ERG – and why do they matter so much to Brexit? 2 days ago   1:57:20

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shaun muppet finder
I'd like to wipe my arse on the Independent but no one bought it so it doesn't print newspapers any more ..thank goodness. It was only read by lib-lefty scumbags
sprouting wings
I want the world to go full on mad max style, just want change.
Direct democracy now! Why the hell we got these corrupted idiots voting for laws for us when we can do it ourselves?
Lee Robinson
I thought being in the EU was a partnership? so why is our partners setting our terms of departure ?
TheMadScotsman mckay
WHY OH WHY is nobody picking up on the FACT that Treason May's "Deal" is NOT BREXIT???????? It's a fucking TREATY she's conceived - meaning that it's designed to KEEP US in the E.U, not LEAVE the E.U ............. why are all politicians not coming out with this, and actually SAYING this to Treason May's face in Parliament? In front if the cameras? See her squirm ...........
Mass Trash
Get your crypto in time for Brexit
Andrew Riches
Andrew Riches
Another day of nothing done by nothing politicians
Leonardo Borges
When someone doesn't prepare themselves to run a marathon, and in the day of the marathon goes and start to run as fast as they can, usually the results will be that person falling down and have a bad reaction (feeling really bad, sick) and wouldn't end the race. This is what happened with the way Brexit was considered and conducted.
Is it legal what may has done by asking for a extension when it,s writing into law that we leave on the 29 march
Jan Schlossar
Barclay - another jealous territorial dick
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Who are the ERG – and why do they matter so much to Brexit? Watch MPs grill the Brexit secretary 2 days ago   07:32

Since the EU referendum three years ago, an obscure sounding group of Conservative MPs has shot to prominence. (Subscribe:

The European Research Group used to provide worthy briefings on European issues. Now it has morphed into a body that exerts huge influence as Parliament debates Brexit - if and when Theresa May resigns, its role in picking her successor as Tory leader and Prime Minister could also be enormous.


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