AMD's Plan to Destroy Intel THE VERGE - FAILED PC BUILD REACTION 1 day ago   14:20

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AMD's Plan to Destroy Intel - 16-Core 3950X + RX 5700 XT Details!

At E3 this year,. AMD dropped some huge announcements, including pricing and some performance numbers for their new Ryzen 3000-series CPUs as well as their Navi-based Radeon RX 5700 and 5700 XT. Also - launch dates!

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Paul's Hardware
Ryzen 3000 Series / Zen 2 Stuff - 0:44
Radeon RX 5700 XT / Navi Stuff - 8:57
*CORRECTION*: The Price is $449 for the 5700XT, and $499 for the 5700XT Anniversary Edition
I am so happy I am going with AMD for my next build! Intel and NVIDIA are just way too expensive for the products that they are offering!
Smfanqing Wu
and xboxone 3 use RYZEN apu
My next setup is going to be an AMD build 100%
E Higgins
This has all happened before and will happen again.
Xyzpdq Xpdqyz
Sorry to bust you but, AMD will ALWAYS be sub par to Intel.
Here is the thing: AMD will never beat intel or nVidia for that matter. If we want to take AMD's fans selling point, which is always $$$/FPS, then I guess they will dominate once more. Unfortunately, simulators (and games) count on FPS and not $$$/FPS.
Topedo Workshop
Can't wait for December. Saving up now! Planning to upgrade to a Ryzen 5 3600X + B550(or something like B450) + 5700(non-xt) + 512GB M.2 NVME + Maybe 16GB RAM (Whatever is the trend come december) + etc.
mark gaddy
Probably a dumb question but can for example a rog nvidia 2060 go on a pcie 24x slot I just wanna make sure (building a pc soon and wanted to use one of the new processors so thank y’all)
iDK why but i want a intel to make and introduce a new proce. like from nowhere ,,, it must which will destroy ,
idky even tho i m using full on amd cpu right now..
Y. Shaked
DDR4 at 5100? Seriously? That's so cool. Doesn't impact me (for now, anyway) in any way, shape or form, but still very cool...
20 years in IT .... AMD is a synonym for random blue screens in my experience. Never had luck with them, very flakey and unstable. Maybe will give them another try
Neil Fawcett
Given my previous experience with AMD's CPUs and GPUs, I'll buy based on a reliability chart :)
Solve Everything
Intel is allied with Microsoft.

AMD should go for full force support with LINUX. open source gaming when???
Solve Everything
Why can't they just make a 10000 core CPU?

Sadly intel new mobile chips coming soon destroy this lol
Luciola Lazilia
It's not that Microsoft recognized AMDs advancement in marketshare. The next XBox is using the new AMD CPUs and GPUs so Microsoft had to make software optimization in Windows 10 for AMDs new technology. Besides from getting a stable revenue stream for AMD grabbing the console market is their strategy to get game developers to optimize multi platform games for AMDs architectures first and not for Nvidia. After all AMD cards are faster than Nvidia cards in DX12/Vulkan optimized games and in the future, all Games will be optimized for DX12/Vulkan.
Holy Khan
Could you, please? Intel has been limping along for far too long. Please put it out of its misery.
Pause at 0:37 and look at ryzen 5's because I would take a ryzen 5 3600x for $199
Lt Darkstar
Did AMD finally get rid of all of those audio latency issues they had? I switched to INTEL a long time ago because of those issues.
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THE VERGE - FAILED PC BUILD REACTION AMD's Plan to Destroy Intel 1 day ago   26:03

A week ago, The Verge uploaded the worst PC build guide of all time. After Verge turned off comments and likes/dislikes, they eventually deleted the video. But the Internet never forgets!!

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