YOU WILL NOT DEFEAT ME - Powerful Motivational DISCIPLINE IS EVERYTHING - New Motivational Video 2 days ago   06:48

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YOU WILL NOT DEFEAT ME - Powerful Motivational Video

Denzel Washington

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Ubuntu Life
Do you have the guts to fail ? => Let's learn how to fail cuz opportunity, often comes in a form of misfortune or temporary defeat
Aine Lawler
Attitude is everything having the right attitude will let you achieve anything in life 💪
Keith Butler
I enjoyed the message of you
lynn ebury
"We BECOME what we think about all day long and "When you CHANGE the way you look at things, the things you look at CHANGE" As Dr Wayne Dyer said. SOOO TRUE!! We really DO paint out world with our thoughts and beliefs!!!!!
Karim Kerim
jangan biarkan sifat egois menakluki diri 😊
Aviv Michaeli
Purple Wolf
*I will be who I want to be even by failing*
Naresh Chander N-CROSS
Knowledge will give us is power but character will give us respect.
Roger Bryant
It's not what your going through... It's what your going to!
Rameshwor Rimal
an entrepreneur drug is success💕💕💕
Chantal Bacco
My brother motto l own l can l will l must
Thanks You 🙏
Horrible music
Joseph Muscatello
I'm old now, but I found success once. The real challenge, is to not only reach success, but to stay successful. Don't let yourself become to arrogant, don't think because you found success, that you can't lose yourself. Getting to the top is hard, staying on top is even harder. Stay honest and truthful to yourself and others. Life is beautiful, there is world of opportunities to explore. Keep setting short term goals, reach that goal, set another one. Long term goals come by setting short ones. Remember time is an enemy, age sneaks up. Falling from the top, can be the only time you make it there. Bet of luck to all !!!!!!
WINNERS find solutions.
LOSERS find excuses.
Nilesh Kamble
Plz give subtitle
Life Adventurer
The thing we should understand about life is that it will never be perfect we're just passing through it and we need to waste no time over shit and just move on it gets hard when that shit appears of insecurities and fears but you can overcome it and move on
Inspire The World
We are growing through it and not going through it. Do you understand?
Life Progress - Health, Wealth, & Happiness Channel
*Pain is temporary. Quitting lasts forever*
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DISCIPLINE IS EVERYTHING - New Motivational Video YOU WILL NOT DEFEAT ME - Powerful Motivational 2 days ago   29:15

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