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Any responsible landlord knows a lot of work goes into managing a rental property. So is it smart to outsource some of that work to a property management company?

Property management companies can take care of many tasks that landlords otherwise must handle themselves, from finding tenants and collecting rent to handling the upkeep of the property itself. But that assistance costs money, so it comes down to whether saving some time on rental property upkeep and management is worth eating into your bottom line.

Ultimately, different landlords will draw different conclusions once they’ve done their own cost/benefit analysis for hiring a property management company. On this Real Estate Minute, I’ll discuss what Zillow suggests are some advantages to using a property management company and share why my experience as a real estate investor and landlord has led me to forgo using one myself.

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Victoria Victorious
There's a WHOLE lot more downsides to consider than just the fee... utilizing one of the real estate puppets. The more the R.E. network shills make this into a crony federal case, the more I'm convinced I should do it myself, like YOU do. Subversion takes many forms. Christ teaches me via compromised people. You might want to reconsider your trajectory. The well meaning treachery happening in the world isn't a game and it would be wise to avoid being part of it. You have enough already, don't you? May satans lies and his misleading advice become intolerable for to give, very quickly. Become aware of the agenda working thru you. I see an Eve who's so dead asleep she doesn't even perceive there might be snoring. Thanks. You've helped me decide.....
Truthfears Guilty
if you can't afford to buy property with CASH, you're poorer than the man who stands on roadside waving a sign reading "help, hungry and homeless".
Millsy Kooksy
I have property in a state that I don't live in so I had to hire a management company.
Jason Tirado
Awesome video!
Property managers SUCK!  If you aren't willing to do it yourself, don't own rentals.
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Rental Property Investment: Student Should You Use a Property Management Company 3 months ago   04:16

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