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Humanity has long looked up into the night sky and wondered what all those twinkling lights above us really were. With the discovery of the telescope we began to identify these far-off lights as other suns, and soon mankind began to imagine what worlds may lie in the vast void of space. Could there possibly be worlds with life just like ours, or perhaps life that we might not even recognize- where there even planets around these far-off stars in the first place?
It wasn't until 1988 that humanity discovered its first exoplanet, and with the launch of the Kepler space telescope not only have we confirmed the existence of exoplanets, but have discovered thousands of them, and some of them are truly like nothing anyone ever imagined!
Hello and welcome to another episode of The Infographics Show- today we're taking a look at the most extreme planets discovered so far in our galaxy!





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CORRECTION: Venus is the hottest planet in our Solar System, not Mercury.

Which planet from our list would you like to visit? Is there any other that interests you?
you boys need to realize that we have confirmed that the universe cant be any older then twenty thousand years old because we wouldn't be able to detect the large cluster of hawking radiation that is still radiating from the center point of the milky-way that indicates its origin point
Freya Shirazy
Mercury isn't the hottest, Venus is the hottest planet in solar system.
Ben Darules
Venus is the hottest the solar system 🤔
Mercury isn't the hottest planet, Venus is.
Hameed Falaknaz
How do scientists name planets 🤔
Hameed Falaknaz
PSR is the GTR of the planets
Will It Campfire?
Venus is the hottest planet in the solar system at over 900 degrees
This channel is becoming so amateurish, a” percentage of a fraction”? Surely the correct term that makes sense is a fraction of a percent? Mispronouncing spectroscopy?
Mercury being the hottest planet in our solar system?
How has this channel became such a joke?!
vj balan
Venus is 900 degrees Fahrenheit! So venus takes the lead in solar system planet heat
Pluto is a planet.
ivan perez
Thank you very much for the video! Is there a website, app or a recent book that shows every single planet that has been discovered up to date? I’m really into planets and I’ve been searching for a long time!
Gernot Bindet
10:27 Atmosphere containing gaseous Titanium Oxydes? Then it has to be very hot (>3000°C) there. But if it is that hot, then it can't be _dark_
Gernot Bindet
10:08 kph? Kilopond-hours?
Iman Hakimi
2:48 pink floyd
ian brighton
-369 degrees Fahrenheit is not 50 degrees above absolute zero..... its 90........
QueenFans India
Imagine if we are the only planet with life.. It's stupid how easily we r destroying everything
Lol 4488
If the universe is 13 billion years old
Than what created the universe
It all started so simple,with just earth sun and the moon
Now we explored the universe what could be still out there
Other universe,or just a whole other world
Im scared
Lol 4488
No matter how far planets are
I will just fold paper to get there
T- Series
They all sound like Vegeta's gym
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Why String Theory is Wrong Most Extreme Planets In The Galaxy 1 day ago   18:39

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