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Humanity has long looked up into the night sky and wondered what all those twinkling lights above us really were. With the discovery of the telescope we began to identify these far-off lights as other suns, and soon mankind began to imagine what worlds may lie in the vast void of space. Could there possibly be worlds with life just like ours, or perhaps life that we might not even recognize- where there even planets around these far-off stars in the first place?
It wasn't until 1988 that humanity discovered its first exoplanet, and with the launch of the Kepler space telescope not only have we confirmed the existence of exoplanets, but have discovered thousands of them, and some of them are truly like nothing anyone ever imagined!
Hello and welcome to another episode of The Infographics Show- today we're taking a look at the most extreme planets discovered so far in our galaxy!





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The Infographics Show
CORRECTION: Venus is the hottest planet in our Solar System, not Mercury.

Which planet from our list would you like to visit? Is there any other that interests you?
Jaime Lopez
I have a huge telescope and never saw planet niburu or planet x
Welp tress 2b is where the sith are I guess
Felix Mounsey
Dudes, I really love this show, but there are so many basic mistakes in this video that I’m nervous you do this regularly but I don’t know anything about the other subjects. I think this video should be removed and remade. Not saying I hate your show, but this is negatively effecting your reputation.
Daniel Iamandi
11:07 - Daniel
11:10 - *The Cooler Daniel*
Steven Smith
Spec Tros co pi
It’s magnetism not gravity.
lord of king
venos is the hothest planet
f00k astronomers. Pluto is still a planet.
We as humans wernt ment to explore in space ..
Kelvin Luk
Did I hear brown dwarf can start nuclear fusion?
Mystical Antlers
what a great video to watch filling my astronomy thoughts..
Listof play
maybe Tres 2b is where I can finally be secure on the internet
Savage Saiyan
Venus is the hottest planet in the solar system
why is spectroscopy being pronounced wrong... if you are saying a word you don't know, why not look up the pronunciation? :/
Pascal Vock
i thought the dumbest thing just now I was like oh our solar system hasn't got exiting planets and then I realised earth
Pluto is still a planet
It’s Marsh
11:51 gotta go fast
It’s Marsh
11:51 running in the 90’s
Suryanshu Dutta
M curious to know abt Planetoid Vampa, orbitting around star 94.
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Why String Theory is Wrong Most Extreme Planets In The Galaxy 2 months ago   18:39

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