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djstrains to purchase my n scale scratch built stuff.

This video I use an inexpensive kit and use some basic scratch building techniques to make "Gothic Bikes" for my N scale layout. Subscribe to my channel and ask questions, offer ideas and suggestions. Thanks!

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Denise Dcruz
good video.
Very good & informative video!!! How difficult would it be to customize some buildings? I'm thinking of attempting to customize some buildings from the Birmingham AL. area. And what about scale model neon lighting? Is that available as well?
Overland Transportation System
watched this twice.. again..very well explained. Tom
I just watched this again and still really enjoy it. I did want to mention one thing about gluing clear plastic. I also build model cars and we use a glue like Elmers to keep the clesr plastic from fogging
Sandra J. Syx-Spears
thinking of using DPM kits-parts to build a large U.S. style passenger station
Great job on this building DJ. Lotvs of tips no matter what scale
Very awesome videos. Which glue or cement do you recommend? Also, what brand and type of paint would you recommend for these plastic buildings? Thanks.
Sye Rail
wow that was pretty good. I need to get started on scratch building a csx spur.
Louise Ibrahim
Nicely done .. Enjoyed the tips and the comments.. Thanks for the effort and sharing..
Good idea,I have just buyed two building sets in HO scale,and I have a box with buiding parts,I will serach for some building ideas on my area and try to make it in HO scale..
Gerard Goos
Very helpfull video. I want to start to make a highrise building with DPM but before I am gonna purchase a lot of parts I was searching for some video's about building with DPM. This one helped.
Demetris David
Nice!!! I can hardly wait to start building... Thank you for sharing DJ !!! You're awesome
Still brush painting. I haven't gotten around to buying new airbrush nozzles, since I mainly use the air compressor for inflating bike tires and rafts :)
After spraying on the primer, did you brush on the brick colors or did you airbrush the final brick color? Thanks
I understand. Currently my layout is a daytime only railroad because I run the daily commuter train. Ok, that is my excuse for procrastinating on lighting. I will give it a try, but may be a while. I struggle with LEDs, but I need to learn it better, and will try to come up with something.
I've watched a lot of your videos and I've really gotten a lot from them, so for that I thank you. I have not seen anything about lighting the buildings, and that is the place I am at now. I am not sure what kinds of lights to use, nor am I knowledgeable about getting the wires up through the table and into the buildings. Another thing I want is street lighting and pedestrian lighting in my passenger terminal.
Keep the great videos coming man.
The strip strip styrene should be on the inside of all 4 walls, and then you can just drop the roof in place. I painted mine a light grey like the prototype, and weathered some areas like in the photo. I ordered some roof accessories through my hobby shop, but they weren't in when I made the video. Some DPM kits have a chimney piece. They would be glued on after roof is permanently attached.
oops, sorry, forgot to cover that. Once you are happy with it, and have all 4 walls glued together, this is where the scale ruler comes in. You really need to measure precisely how big that roof piece needs to be. Because the walls needed to be sanded, one side may actually be slightly wider than the other! If you see in the picture of the back room, I used the strip styrene to make a support for the roof a few millimeters lower than the height of the wall.
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How to Scratchbuild a Simple Shed pt1 Model Railroad Tips, Tutorials, 5 months ago   14:58

How to scratchbuild a simple "wood-N" shed, plank by plank.
Follow along as I scratch a MOW shed for the Silicon Valley Free-moN Effett Yard.
Hopefully, this video will help take the mystery out of scratchbuilding with stripwood.
Really, it's easier than you think!
The whole project took about two hours, start to finish.
Check out more about Free-moN and Effett Yard on my construction thread at Model Railroad Hobbyist:

Music by Robert Litton (used with permission)