Nothing is a coincidence. This is a sign: The Connected Universe | Nassim Haramein 2 days ago   17:34

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Laura Vescovi
I look for pennies all the time, it's the universe talking to me bringing abundance to me, via a penny tells me more is coming💛
Uniontera Ja
Head or tail is a knowledge. Two side of coin is a truth. Knowledge give us a choice. Truth do not give us a choice. I think so. I am the Uniontera Ja.
Yaz Star
Thank you so much... love to you.
Max Modine
I smell alota Taqiyya.
Elliot Alpert
Isn't it more like, life is happening TO us?
Krishna Bagale
What a con statement. You have psychological problem. Better you do medication. It's just that you are buying others emotions in exchange with your belief to manipulate people. Feeling grateful to anything is okay though. It's certainly a coincident to be where we are at in this vast cosmic space and this particular time.
Another promoter of mental illness.
Stinker Toy
So many nay-sayers. Yet good scientists would keep in mind how much they DONT know.
Gary Sugarman
Did she have the operation?
The Hidden Yogi
The more you pay attention to the signs around you, your consciousness is in a lucid state, not absorbed in internal subjective chatter, but actively engaging with the world as it appears to you, the more signs and synchronistic events appear that seem to speak and corroborate the flow-state your consciousness is in. Then you begin to sense that there is a causal relationship between seemingly unrelated events, and the consciousness which notices and recognizes those events.
it`s not coincidence - it`s sel-ftrickery
Katie Kat
So did she get surgery?
Duct_Tape Heart
☺️ I’m so excited about this story. EVERYONE finds God.
Isn’t that amazing?!
Sandra Lee
I enjoyed!!!! I loved!!!!
She is very engaging
Burcu Ayatar
this is bullshit. Please stop playing with people's hopes by telling these sort of lies. How many times I wanted to believe that something was a sign, but everytime I realised I am in false hopes and always end up with disappointment.
kemetgoddess divine spirituality
beautiful ending
1) Props to anyone who does public speaking, as it takes a good amount confidence to do well.

2) It's a really cute story. But that's about it. I'm an atheist, but I listen to other perspectives too. But you don't need to be an atheist to scratch your head at this feel good stuff.

3) As others have mentioned, I wonder how much suffering she's actually seen/known of. I wonder what a sign of a bunch of people dying in an airplane is. You can act however you want after an incident, and being positive is going to make your life more productive. But doing good things and thinking good thoughts won't save you, it's a dog eat dog world. And not just man vs man, nature, etc too.

Social Media Meham
If you watch the debates with skeptics and Depock Chopra, they prove he is not only using vague and ambiguous scientific sounding words, he is using them wrongly during the debate. As someone who supposedly has a doctorate degree, he should know better. Some of the skeptics who debate him also have doctorate degrees, but the choose not to be called Dr. To use the status & respectability that title carries against those they debate.
Social Media Meham
Like Depock Chopra, she likes to use vague & ambiguous words, as do many would be gurus. I have had a lot of good and bad in life, and thus I have learned a lot about life. Fr one thing, people don't understand what a coincidence is, as most people think of it as a strange occurrence. All a coincidence is, is random chance & probability. she took a ferry every day as a girl, many business people, college students, etc, probably took that ferry every day, and many of them probably left a book behind. The fact the book was translated into a language besides english shows, it was a vary popular book, thus increasing the chances she would happen to find that book. He surprise at finding the same book later in life, is like someone being surprised 10 years from now when they run across Harry Potter. Human beings are pattern seeking creatures, its a survival skill that made us run or prepare to fight, when we heard a twig snap, rather than sit there & contemplate what made the sound. Its also what enables us to pick out the tiger or leopard stripes amongst the tall grass. The problem today is, this same part of who we are cause us to assume a supernatural force is behind everyday natural events, like tornadoes, floods, and earthquakes.

She has made an association between coins and a better sense of self, so she subconsciously is on the lookout for coins as she walks around. Its the same way you don't notice a certain model of car, till you see it in a commercial, in a movie, or when you buy one. Then you see them everywhere, and all the time. What she doesn't get is, as someone in a corporate job in Turkey, she already had a head start over countless other Turks. She was educated, she had enough money to move to America, and was obviously educated enough to get a job here, even if it was part time at first. Sharing an apartment with others isn't the same as being homeless.

There are people both in Turkey & in America who are so undereducated, their opportunities are few and far between. There are also people who suffer PTSD & or mental illness from being abused and or sexually violated as a child or an adult, from being in combat, and from simply being born or developing mental illness during puberty, pregnancy, or menopause, when hormones go through massive changes. These "Spiritual" leaders love to say everything happens for a reason, when folks have good luck, but their all quiet when a disaster destroys a town, when someone loses most or every limb in an IED explosion, etc.

The one person who I think has it right is Sam Harris, he says we can become aware of ourselves & how we relate to the world around us. Its the difference between thinking luck just happens and, understanding that,opportunity and being aware of that opportunity & prepared to utilize it is what creates luck. As, you can set opportunity in front of someone on a silver platter, and if they are unaware or unprepared for that opportunity, they will either not recognize it for what it is, or they will not know what to do with it. Its like Thomas Edison knowing through the efforts of others that, a filament of the right material with a current running through it would produce light, and taking that knowledge and doing thousands of experiments on different materials till he found the right one, vs someone being aware of the same thing but not realizing they could done exactly what Edison did.

We do make our opportunities, and sometimes we forgo our opportunities for the next generation, but sometimes the cards are stacked against folks at no fault of their own, and folks like her refuse to acknowledge that truth. By saying, everything happens for a reason is like telling these folks there hardships were fate, destiny, etc.
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The Connected Universe | Nassim Haramein Nothing is a coincidence. This is a sign: 2 days ago   18:04

Through nearly 30 years of research in physics and writing multiple papers, Haramein has come to a deep understanding of the underlying mechanics of our universe, using his equations and theory to calculate the most accurate prediction of the charge radius of the proton to date. Bringing in evidence from fundamental physical principles and leading research, he is able to show that we live in a connected universe with an inherent feedback network in the structure of space, which has led to pioneering insights in our interpretation of cosmological, quantum, and biological scale systems.

Nassim Haramein is a physicist, public speaker, inventor, educator, and the Director of Research at The Resonance Project Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to delivering knowledge and technology to the world which is based on a holistic and complete view of the dynamics and forces of nature, addressing the critical and systemic challenges humanity faces today

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