Nothing is a coincidence. This is a sign: Everything is Connected -- Here's How: 1 day ago   17:34

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In this inspiring talk Yeliz Ruzgar shares with us Happy Life recipes.
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Donna Woodford
I wonder what triggered her to follow her soul. What lead up to that decision, and did she talk with anyone about her plans before undertaking an extreme change? I think knowing this is important to the topic. Either I missed it or she missed entering it in this talk.🤔
Today I stumbled on Facebook upon video about empathy. It was showing unhappy people, soup in the middle, and they all had a long spoon, and were fighting over the soup. Then someone fed another person and everyone started doing the same and was happy.

And now she is talking about pretty much the same thing.

It's just...what a coincidence!
I have so much more faith in the universe now, thank you
Pauline Whalen
Loved the ending
cristina ferreira
beautiful words
Isaac A
She's finding pennies and 'meaningfulness of signs' through the Reticular Activation System, where you tend to encounter and see things that you seek, and that your mind is turned to look for. She's making, or rather forced to make a choice to be content with whatever she encounters, whatever is 'revealed' to her and whatever is 'given' to her. She has a pioneering, open minded, risk taking, 'go for it' attitude, so she will tend to encounter more opportunities in life, and act on them with faith (a kind of courage), than close minded sceptics. Definitely, service to others is proven to cause happiness and joy. Basically, that's a big part of the 'miracle' she's experiencing. I wonder what happened to the ovarian cyst.
David Wolf
Eat some 'shrooms, it becomes claer.
Debra Diament
Great speech and try serrapeptase for cysts 😊
One of the best Ted Talks I have ever watched
That’s my dream! To succeed, have my dream life so I can help people with having better lives. Especially young women who are alone and are struggling.
I now need to go on a road trip to figure out what exactly I have to do to get on the right path that will bring me closer to my dream life. I’m all alone and wish to find people who meant to be part of my life. People who will give the positive energy that will give me support while building my dream businesses, dream life.
I started go fund me campaign- gf/me/rjyzg3
Need enough money to travel the country, experience new experiences, meet with different people. Let people help me with rediscovering myself, help to find what exactly I need to do in order to find the right path to the life I desire to have. I’m having hard time to see signs from the universe, although I pray for it all the time. Today I live where wanted to live couple of years ago. I prayed and with no money landed the place I have. I do help in town, volunteer and try to have a home care business. Businesses is dead, money isn’t showing up, I’m back where I’ve been many times. That’s why I decided to go on a road trip. I want my dream life badly. I want to have lot of people in my life. I want to help lot of people. My dream is to be a wealthy caregiver. I am a natural caregiver, it takes money to make others lives better.
Laura Vescovi
I look for pennies all the time, it's the universe talking to me bringing abundance to me, via a penny tells me more is coming💛
Uniontera Ja
Head or tail is a knowledge. Two side of coin is a truth. Knowledge give us a choice. Truth do not give us a choice. I think so. I am the Uniontera Ja.
Yaz Star
Thank you so much... love to you.
Max Modine
I smell alota Taqiyya.
Elliot Alpert
Isn't it more like, life is happening TO us?
Krishna Bagale
What a con statement. You have psychological problem. Better you do medication. It's just that you are buying others emotions in exchange with your belief to manipulate people. Feeling grateful to anything is okay though. It's certainly a coincident to be where we are at in this vast cosmic space and this particular time.
Another promoter of mental illness.
Stinker Toy
So many nay-sayers. Yet good scientists would keep in mind how much they DONT know.
Gary Sugarman
Did she have the operation?
The Hidden Yogi
The more you pay attention to the signs around you, your consciousness is in a lucid state, not absorbed in internal subjective chatter, but actively engaging with the world as it appears to you, the more signs and synchronistic events appear that seem to speak and corroborate the flow-state your consciousness is in. Then you begin to sense that there is a causal relationship between seemingly unrelated events, and the consciousness which notices and recognizes those events.
it`s not coincidence - it`s sel-ftrickery
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Everything is Connected -- Here's How: Nothing is a coincidence. This is a sign: 1 day ago   17:49

Tom Chi認為「萬物都有相關聯」或「事出必有因」的說法,其實不只是純粹哲學的形上思考,而是有各種科學根據證明這個理論的。而找出這個現象象徵的意義是什麼,或許就能解開人類之所以存在的秘密....?

Tom Chi has worked in a wide range of roles from astrophysical researcher to Fortune 500 consultant to corporate executive developing new hardware/software products and services. He has played a significant role in established projects with global reach (Microsoft Outlook, Yahoo Search), and scaled new projects from conception to significance (Yahoo Answers from 0 to 90 million users).

His current focus is delving into human development issues with social entrepreneurs around the globe, rebooting the fundamental frameworks of entrepreneurship itself, and teaching a limited numb

當試圖定義這個時代創業意義的Voltaic Labs,碰上以創新和新穎計畫聞名的Google X,他們的共通點,就是Tom Chi。

他是天文學家、是網路與軟體工程師、是科學家、創新大師。他曾說:「我們不能忘記跨出書本,改變世界!」藉由Tom Chi的快速原型設計(rapid prototyping),他成功地在網路時代領導Yahoo從0到9千萬用戶,接著創造了Google Glass,近年更開啟Google自動駕駛車計畫。


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