Trump speaks to U.S. veterans WATCH: Schiff says Barr 1 day ago   26:00

Fox News
Less than an hour after Attorney General Barr wraps his explosive press conference ahead of releasing the Mueller report, President Trump is making remarks at a White House event with the Wounded Warrior Project.

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Comments 606 Comments

Jeffrey Surrency
Jose is the true embodiment of what a true American is made of!
Jeffrey Surrency
I always love the president's appreciation for those who make this country work, and who defend it.
Nathan Lorincz
Trump trump trump trump trump trump trump trump trump trump trump trump
George Lux
Trump speaks to a group that he didn't have the balls to join.
Anne Bastians
Billions and billions for the murderers! Not a penny for the future of this globe! CRIMINAL BEHAVIOUR, nothing but that!!!
Anne Bastians
Murderers celebrating!
Hugh Smith
Stop making vets
David Griffin
I pray for you President Trump , and all those fighting for the freedom of the people,
God is watching, and is pleased with your hard work
You inspire me
God bless sir 👍🇬🇧🇺🇸🙏🙏
Terri Castonzo
President Trump I love you so much I never doubted you or your family!!!! I cried today because these rats won’t quit!!!!This is what I want to say “ Leave my President alone this is a great man, he could be tough & Gentle!!!! God bless you President Trump & America ✝️🇺🇸
Adrienne Tochter
He said Q!!!!
matt thecat
America is winning and will be for some time liberals,progressives and democrats are losing.All is good Trump in 2020 MAGA
Only a dipshit 20 some year old liberal ( Democrat ) who lives on moms health care and wants his schooling paid for, all while marching for illegal aliens to be taking care of instead of our soldiers could be unhappy with our President and this message.
Venessa Delapaz
😂😂Hes so funny to watch! Yet Im happy to be a proud American. THANK YOU WARRIORS I LOVE YOU
El Dorado
How anybody continues to support Trump as President at this point is beyond me.
Cool video. Now start cutting spending. Abolish useless agencies. There are too many to name.
Deep gratitude for those who serve us with honor
Rowena Rocafort
We must applaud,respect the President he loves America and its people,vote Trump 2020 let him continue the good works that benefits us all.Thank You Sir it is our great honor to have you as President of the US
Icaiah DB
I see the radical left has started coming out with deceptive lies about president Trump on YouTube commercials, and this is the only answer the Democrats have is to lie to you and me?, this practice by the left is insulting to our intelligence, check out the facts for yourself never rely on only one source for information, this political party on the left have become dangerous to our freedoms and our way of life, do not reward them with your precious vote, they will waste your vote and misuse it, they are are the political party that is only concerned about power and control, NWO and socialism, also, the media can not be trusted anymore
Dane Hart
what stop the radical nut jobs in the swamp is the right to bear arms and the 30 million vets and the 70 million trump voters .this battle is never ending ,the attacks will keep coming . never tire , never weaken . keep fighting .they think there the super men .only they can save the world from the subhumans .that us .the people are the target in the end i fear
Stupidity Kills
Like a true communist. Paranoia at its finest.
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WATCH: Schiff says Barr Trump speaks to U.S. veterans 1 day ago   15:27

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, D-Calif., blasted Attorney General William Barr for holding a news conference before the Mueller report was released to the public, saying that the attorney general did the country a "grave disservice" for misrepresenting parts of the report.

"The attorney general is not the president's personal lawyer, although he may feel that he is," Schiff said.

Speaking to the findings of the report, which said there was no evidence of Trump campaign officials conspiring or coordinating with the Russian government in attempts to influence the 2016 election, Schiff said that "whether actions were criminal or not, they were dishonest, unethical and worthy of condemnation."

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