2000hp Pro Tandems + Burnyard Spring Legendaarne Datsun 240Z 2 days ago   15:55

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The Burnyard Spring smash was ridiculous, fun, and hilarious all at once. Shout out to everyone who blew their tires out there. Come out to the next, ya jabronies.


"Hedge Fund"-- Bankrupt Beats

"Death Sentence -- Jacob Lizotte


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Hoonigan Project Cars
What was your favorite Hoonigan moment of the week?!
Nicu Girbu
What is the intro song name?
That one dude
I could only wish to have 10k to build my car...
Jason Natsis
Respekt all whamen
Jake Kim
This place is where cars die
The most badass way to die
What song is that right around 10:00 mins in?!?!?!?!
Rey Jr
13:39 is that Trailer Park Boys😂
Owen Lee
What was the song on the S15 tandem montage?
Hazard Built
I’ll come out to barnyard and thrash my Miata. Something will blow. Tires... motor.... clutch.... something will blow.
Wind of change
man i just love how much fun everyone is having, no matter what they are driving haha, even FWD cars
Mark Robbins
2 Shawn Carters dry sump'd? Those s15's are sick
Vivek Kupp
what the song/mix at 9:47?
Jeremiah Story
@3:08....Dan is Chairslayer's doppelganger lmao!!
Battles 4 Dayz
You didn't say may the forth be with you
you have to give the grandmom mercedes guy a own episode.... he deserves one
Yes more chicks clothes
Sierra Hober
I NEED WOMENS HOONIGAN MERCH!!!!!!! I am always stealing my best friends
john fitzgerald
Front wheel burnouts are something special.
Rien Ward
Loving the Crocs!!! 👍
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Legendaarne Datsun 240Z 2000hp Pro Tandems + Burnyard Spring 2 days ago   07:48

Peale mitme-setme kuu möödumist piilusime taas VKM Garaaži ning ei pidanud pettuma. Garaaži tagumises nurgas, seal, kus Tõnis jõudu ja kiirust autodesse tinistab, seisis tööjärgus üks kaunis porganidikarva auto. Miks legerdaarne Datsun 240Z seal seisab ning mida VKM'il sellega teha lastakse, vaata juba saatest.