2000hp Pro Tandems + Burnyard Spring Off-road Hot rod - Rate My Chop - Ken Block 1 day ago   15:55

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The Burnyard Spring smash was ridiculous, fun, and hilarious all at once. Shout out to everyone who blew their tires out there. Come out to the next, ya jabronies.


"Hedge Fund"-- Bankrupt Beats

"Death Sentence -- Jacob Lizotte


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Hoonigan Project Cars
What was your favorite Hoonigan moment of the week?!
falloutkid 4744
Give the explorer its own episode
Alama Brown
Yo we should paint dan green make him look like a big bud then we'll smoke him..lol
Probably the first time America has had a proper aussie burnout comp... yet all the burnouts were weak as piss,

Good to see the Americans having a good crack tho
8:00 thats straya/Australia
I'm gay for Lab Coat Ron
Epsilon 115
Those FD guy got nothing on lilclutchkick
William Wages
I want my neighbors 1959 Volvo and I want to put a built 302 ford followed by a 5 speed clutchless any other ideas
Robert Aki
I sAW your episode when you made a huge fireball after racing and had the ball type a thing bouncing around all over the place.
That was very childish and unproffessional I hopenoone was harmed in the making of that viseo.Sicko
Manny Da killa
More foxbody 🤘🏻
Victor Venegas
Yeah my girl currently wears the shirts that I order and don’t fit me lol last shirt I ordered as a M was not a M n she wears it at car meets now lo
Super Jesus
where do i buy those chairs
Ken M
neighbor. Cletus and hoonigan smoke show
Cars beast & heavy metal AAWWWW YEAAAH!
Robert Bresnahan
Why must mustangs keep embarrassing themselves like it’s not that hard to not go into the wall 😭
I wish I still lived in SoCal. I would make time to come down and watch all the tire slaying!
Nasrullah Imam
WTH is FWD for drift lol
runnin low
Gotta love the mang mang at the end. STRAYA KUNT$
Nicu Girbu
What is the intro song name?
That one dude
I could only wish to have 10k to build my car...
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Off-road Hot rod - Rate My Chop - Ken Block 2000hp Pro Tandems + Burnyard Spring 1 day ago   20:28

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