AMERICA: The Greatest? RIP FREEDOM OF SPEECH 2 days ago   11:38

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Justin Griffith
I know this video is 8 years old but still I think it's stupid how TJ Kirk argues that our architecture built around functionality and not beauty is why our infrastructure is terrible. When logically speaking something built around functionality and not beauty would be useful, well built, durable and made to last, and something built around beauty would be flimsy and weak and easy to break because it's built around being something nice to look at, and not being useful.
eli claunch
We'll still beats living in Saudi Arabia
Mais um Crítico na Internet
Even today, ain't that the sad truth...
Hey TJ. I'm on a quest to watch every single one of your videos. Watching a few of them every other day or so and commenting on the last one I watched.
Chronic COOL
Yeah it’s a material and commercialist’s dream ! Like George Carlin said in his stand up America is one coast to coast shopping mall! It’s too late like the David Bowie song,”the man who sold the world .”
Carl Johnson
Reminds me
Of a Carlin rant
The military hasn't fought for our freedom since World War II.
Dylan Finch
America The Decent!!
Jake Otterstedt
America is the best tho let’s be real
TJ you should keep it up with your current content and also maybe incorporate this style of flavor more, I feel as an avid viewer
Kevin Benoit
I love you TJ, but...
Justin Bieber is Canadian :/
Ryan Reininga
America is the greatest "cunt tree."
Torri Taite
Facts even to this day.
Aaron E.
Then who is?
Tommy Victor Buch
Maybe you could send this video to Tomi Lahren?!! That would be great, thanks!
Insightful Warrior
Consumerism: America's true religion
Yngve Graneng
wow an american with a sober and somewhat more realistic image of america as a nation, it`s a are rare thing to
come by. generally just chants over how great they are:)
Clay Rogers
Um, prayer was taken from the public schools?
Julian Calero
Cards Against Humanity did an anti-sail for Black Friday by increasing the prise by $5
Rest of Americans are scrublords who claim their country is the best.
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RIP FREEDOM OF SPEECH AMERICA: The Greatest? 2 days ago   08:36

SOPA explained

Read the Bills--Call your congressman!

Fight the fucks!

The Bill of Rights was ratified on December 15, 1791--don't let them die in 2011!

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