Scruffy Jeremy Corbyn winds Dennis Skinner kicked out of Commons 2 days ago   01:34

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A preview to tonight's playout - one from the vaults - Jeremy Corbyn, newly elected MP for Islington North, gets some grief for his dress sense, and hands some out too. We're a bit puzzled why the BBC reporter calls him Robin though.

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Tony Bittner
Scruffy chic! 😊
We can't have this anti-Semitic racist in Downing street
James Gould
Why would somebody who dresses like Chaplin be jealous of fat pot bellied tories whom he just called fat and pot bellied tories
David Liggins
Just a bloody scruff ..the 💩 that comes out of his mouth who interested in this nobody. Get a shave, haircut, dress respectable you’ll never achieve anything looking like that..and the smell..poooh...😂💩👎🏻👎🏻
Richard Atkins
I kept thinking how lovely london looked ,now corbyn has his multi cultural london thanks to tony and gordon and what a lovely place it is with all the stabbings from black and Asian gangs,all the Rich have moved out and they can turn those big old houses into flats for them all.Is it nicer now or then,I prefer the gentlemen to the knifeman
Petyr Baelish
Why is that scruffy little toe rag called 'Robin' Corbyn here??? Did he change his name or something? Yet more alarm bells ringing.
How is he scruffy
andy church
national phone in sick day if boris johnson becomes prime minister , please share through social media !
Ray Morse
Robin Corbyn ?
Stephen Roche
Corbyn 👍 Foot 👍
Scruff then, scruff now.
Petey Blinders
just further proof of how long the Tory funded media have tried desperatley to smear good politicians.
what a knob he was then and still is....tosser!
Henry Discipline
He was 34 here, looked 44.
Where are all the Muslims? That's right....labour invited them all over when they got in power.
byblis persephone
I have an odd crush on him
Chris Bishop
I've met Jeremy several times over the last 30yrs and I see every time a genuinely caring man with unchanging values.
Social justice and equality for all ... He will make the perfect PM. #jc4pm ASAP please 👍
Love you Corbyn. Fighting for our rights. Representing.
No matter what we all know corbyn is a gent who definitely didn’t try to fuck anyone in parliament.
Brandon Worsfold
It's a shame he's forgotten what the job of an mp is
Jake Beech
Can someone please tell me why they called him Robin or if it was just a mistake??
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Dennis Skinner kicked out of Commons Scruffy Jeremy Corbyn winds 2 days ago   02:57

Labour MP Dennis Skinner has been suspended from Parliament for the day for calling the Prime Minister "dodgy Dave". He was speaking in the Commons after David Cameron went there to defend his own financial affairs in the wake of the so-called Panama Papers scandal. The Commons Speaker John Bercow asked Dennis Skinner to withdraw his use of the term "dodgy" but the MP repeated the word - forcing Mr Bercow to eject him from the Commons.

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