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The future of architecture revolves round buildings such as Nakheel tower and hydroplis. Dubai displays a lot of these examples and one day, we might just have the technology for all of these buildings to be built.

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3:30 look at Australia you can see it is cutted up into it's states
also whats the towers name or is there some info about 4:00? plz tell me cuz its my favourute and looks sick
times infinity, jb science, reigarw comparisons, harry evett, all these channels are my oldest favourites :DDDD
Le Chi Tran Chi Tran Thi
Gabriel Bouza
1:26, 2:27, 3:11, 4:02, 4:51, 5:57, was my favorites buildings
Andrei Santos
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Anthony Alensky Kurniawan
Right now Shanghai Tower exist
Lord Revan
0:25 Star Wars is the future!
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Someone please help me
AircraftSimulation Videos
0:54 no,Times Infinity,satellite is not a building
AircraftSimulation Videos
0:29 2:12 death star
Shannon Deckert
3:10 wow its the dragonfly toler cool
Times Infinity
1,000,000 views! This video may be old, but it finally got there, thanks for watching everyone!
Abhiyender Singh
Eugene DCM
omg this video actually has 999K+ views
Rei React FãTube
6:00 my pafery modern for underwater discos hotel PEARL 💙🇩🇪 Very likes for NIGHT
Abigail Shattuck
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Zeith Kyro
Zeith Kyro
X seed
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Future Cars Future buildings 2 days ago   03:25

Some of the latest concept cars of the future.

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