China's 5 Mach hypersonic plane Airbus A380 Flutter Test 1 day ago   02:44

China's media claimed the PLA has successfully tested a five mach hypersonic plane. "September 18, in the airlines industrial in its official media website revealed, recently, China a flight test base, for has a type machine delivered Flight Center Hou of first test flight, reported said, the type aircraft task profile special, and flight way unique, flight speed and height more is far Super Flight Center established yilai all other flight models, reported also said, the flight achieved has Flight Center in high supersonic flight field of breakthrough, logo Flight Center in the type machine flight technology field within of more mature.

Although this story shortly after the release was quickly deleted, but because it is the first time that news of the official bodies officially revealed high supersonic aircraft, causing a lot of concern and discussion.

Has analysis think, from official media of reported can see, this flight of high supersonic aircraft is has landing gear of large aircraft, and without machine tools carry or other help push; can achieved high supersonic flight, and in Flight Center of this flight time up number hours; despite reported in the mentioned has "test pilot", but due to no machine of control member also can called "test pilot", so cannot confirmed this times flight of high supersonic aircraft is was driving also is no driving.

So-called Hypersonic, refers to the aircraft flying faster than Mach 5. At present, the reusable space launch vehicle and Hypersonic technology development has become the United States and other Western countries a new generation missile, focus on research and development of new space vehicles. However, due to the development of this type of aircraft is difficult, need to research a lot of technical difficulties, so far only a few countries have developed skills. In the aircraft industry in this report also refers to the project's staff "in the face of this type of cross-generation aircraft, have an emulative momentum", "unyielding" may indicate that the project has encountered setbacks.

Military expert analysis, comprehensive information on Hypersonic vehicles in China in recent years, the test flight of a new Hypersonic vehicle could be a large strategic reconnaissance aircraft, if indeed the Hypersonic demonstrator to someone, then the machine will be more than "black bird" strategic reconnaissance aircraft, became the world's fastest manned aircraft. If it is unmanned, then it should be United States like SR-72 Hypersonic UAV. Military experts also said, in high supersonic of flight conditions Xia, regardless of for image intelligence reconnaissance also is completed weapons launches, are need solution more of technology difficulties, but anyway, this times flight of success for China new high supersonic aircraft design research, and special test technology development are has important meaning, once high supersonic aircraft can official served, will makes China of strategy deterrence capacity was enhanced."

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For research on TRRE Hybrid engine : check out what it is at
*2019 Update on TRRE hypersonic HYBRID engine progress :" According to the media report on January 12th, the original turbine, rocket and ramjet combined cycle engine (TRRE) of China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation Beijing Power Machinery Research Institute completed the first prototype engineering prototype verification of this type of engine at the end of last year, and successfully ignited. And work mode conversion. This super aero engine will become the engine of hypersonic aircraft and other types of aircraft in the future. Although China is not the first to propose it, China is currently known to openly test the new combined cycle engine TRRE. The country, at present, is ahead of other countries and is the strongest in this engine research in the world."
Larry Carmody CMD
Mach 5, that's over 4000mph, in the atmosphere it would melt from the 2000 degree temperatures, there is No metal that can stand up to that temperature, it would have to fly in space, then it'd have to have rocket engines, there is no oxygen in space for jet engines. It would be like the X15 we flew into and out of space, it was rocket powered, remember? So it's just Bull Crap.
Another Chinise propaganda cartoon.
At least I can get my Chinese food faster!😁
What she said..
kev lar
Is this the one that flys faster than the speed of light? You know so they can go back in time ? Then they could attack us yesterday.
Channel 38452
There is zero chance any of those designs fly at mach 6.
Robert Lindh
this is called...BS.
Corrine Tsang
Typed Wang Zhenguo, VLRAAM and  China s 4th generation nuclear reactor  into your computer to more information on hypersonic airplanes.
Leslie Grayson
This shit is old tech 1950's shit... the X15 has the record for the fastest plane with pilot at mach6.7 this shit was talked about in the 80's but yeah go for it China waste your US$100billion a year on defence and silly promos, rather than on the medical health of the people.
The US and its Allies have over 85% of all MODERN Military equipment in the world and lead the World Security council. this is actually not a US vs China thing its a China is better than India har har!!...
Chinese sounds werid
Takhe Opi
Chinese stole US technology of year 2035. Idiots
Corrine Tsang
Every year,China sends 200 promising graduated students(genus, out of 8 million graduates )overseas to the top university to study their field of interest with full tuition,room and board.Once they show that they have master something China could use.They are offered unlimited funds for research and development.Shou En Zhu who discover how to manufacture a low cost grapheme while attending Delft Universiiy in the Netherlands. It is being used on China 6th and 7th airplanes grapheme alloy airframeand the C919 airframe...Pan Jianwei research quantum physics at the  University of Vienna.He returned to help China launched a  100 million dollars communication satellite according to NASA ,now China has quantum radar and 1242 miles of quantum communication between Beijing and Shanghai.Another  home grown genius ,Wang Zhengou used grapheme alloy for his turbo-scram jet engines.for the 6th and 7th generation stealth airplane.Yujie Dong s 4th generation pebble bed helium cooled nuclear reactor will power the rockets on the 7th generation (H-11 light of five stars)to near space for 3.5 months.
Margaret Panuelo
nice copy of us SR71 nice china.
Truth Matters
I believe this is for business, like concord.
Corrine Tsang
The retired SR-71 uses two-turbo ram jet and a very expensive titanium alloy airframe obtained secretly from the former Soviet Union.I think the airplane that flew at mach 6 speed for several hours and landed on September 18,2015 used two Wang Zhengou turbo-scram jet engines and Shou-En Zhu low cost grapheme alloy airframe that was form by 3-D printing.Grapheme is 10 times stronger than titanium and twice the melting point of titanium.The SR-71used a titanium alloy frame that has to be shaved by a machinist with a lot of waste.
We will know in a few years if they've sorted this. A hard challenge!
Corrine Tsang
I think the first part of the video shows a nuclear space bomber using a  small 4th generation helium cooled nuclear reactor that Russia said China has. The pebble bed modular reactor was designed by Yujie Dong along with 500 faculty  members and 200 graduated student at Tsingghua University.A larger version is under construction in Ruijin,China.The video shows the airplane taking off using 2 or 4 tubo -scam jet engine.After gaining speed,the nuclear reactor power it.China has spent 12 billion dollars to hirer the best scientist and engineer to developed the WS-10A,WS-15 and the turbo-scram jet engines.I think the second part of the video shows a unmanned hypersonic airplane being launched from an bomber using Wang Zhengou  turbo scam jet engine and a grapheme body
Corrine Tsang
On September 18,2015 a plane flew several hours ay mach 6 speed and landed.I think it flew using 2 Wang Zhengou tubo-scram jet engine(see Popular Science article about him) and Shou-En Zhu grapheme airframe.The US had the SR-71 using turbo-ram jet engine and a very expensive titanium airframe that needed propping up after each flight.
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Airbus A380 Flutter Test China's 5 Mach hypersonic plane 1 day ago   07:40

Flutter Excitation

One of the most dangerous events that can occur in flight is a phenomena called "flutter". Flutter is an aerodynamically induced vibration of a wing, tail, or control surface that can result in total structural failure in a matter of seconds. The prediction of flutter is not a precise science and requires flight verification that flutter will not occur within the normal flight envelope.

The aerodynamic surfaces of an airplane are constructed so that they can carry the loads that are produced in flight. For example the wing must be capable of supporting the weight of the airplane as well as the additional lift produced during turning flight. The resulting wing structure can be viewed as a blade or spring extending from the fuselage. If we "tap" the spring with a hammer, it will vibrate at a frequency which relates to the stiffness of the spring. A stiff spring will vibrate at a higher frequency than a more limber spring. This frequency is known as the "natural frequency" of the spring.

Flutter will usually occur at or near the natural frequency of the structure, that is, some small aerodynamic force will cause the structure to vibrate at its natural frequency. If this small force persists at the same frequency as the natural frequency of the structure, a condition called "resonance" occurs. Under a resonant condition, the amplitude of the vibration will increase dramatically in a very short time and can cause catastrophic failure in the structure.

The aerodynamic forces which can induce flutter are related to the dynamic pressure, or airspeed, of the airplane. If flutter-inducing forces are present they will increase as the airspeed is increased. Flutter characteristics can be explored by "tapping" the surface at progressively faster airspeeds, then watching how fast the vibrations decay or damp out. The vibrations will take longer to decay as the airspeed approaches a possible resonant condition. In this way potential flutter can be approached safely without actually reaching the resonant condition and experiencing sustained flutter.

The method for "tapping" the surface varies. On some airplanes a sharp control pulse is sufficient to excite the natural frequency of the surface. In most cases a special flutter excitation device is installed. This device will use either an aerodynamic vane or an unbalanced mass which is driven back and forth at the known natural frequency of the surface. The device is abruptly turned off and the natural damping characteristics of the vibrating surface are revealed. The analysis is similar to the frequency and damping analysis discussed under the "control pulse" maneuver, except that the structural (or flutter) frequencies are much higher.