Theresa May takes PMQs in Commons Flakefleet Primary School gets 2 days ago   1:11:56

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Bri Goose
The north seems to have been blocked from voting in the local elections via certain cities or councils....we wanted labour out and wernt allowed to vote... suspicious???
Lancefield Denton
Why is this BIGOT, LIER Still in Power surely white people can Do Better than this !!!
mark tomney
It should be one person one vote not up to 3 votes!! I picked one person what's to stop someone adding to my sheet!!
Andrew Walsh
Hit them where it hurts folks: Vote anything but conservative or labour.
A Nightingale
*The CON-(artist)-SERVATIVE PRIME MINISTER tries to cover up her Government's DISGUSTING BEHAVIOUR, with more lies, hollow boasts, verbal dodges and worthless excuses*
She tries to preach about knife crime *AFTER CUTTING 20,000 POLICE OFFICERS..??*
And let's remember the 120,000+ people *DEAD* due to *DELIBERATE TORY POLICY.*
THAT IS CALLED *MURDER BY POLICY..!!* (See the facts below)
The Independent:
University College London:
Great to see hand-drawn frames at 4 fps.
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Flakefleet Primary School gets Theresa May takes PMQs in Commons 2 days ago   07:01

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Absolute chaos and absolute joy. Flakefleet Primary are having a good time and so are we!

Watch as the school choir's energetic performance reduces the Judges to tears (happy tears, of course!)