Theresa May faces PMQs as her leadership Theresa May's political career 2 days ago   18:08

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cheryl taylor
As much use as The Proverbial Chocolate Fire Guard
Theresa May "FUCK OFF" you lying cunt and take the rest of the shite with you?
Walter Smeg
Totally inept,and out of date bunch of nondescript posh twats playing at being adults...
Greiguci Wootchie
She put herself first before her party. I think she's severely mentally ill. Any NORMAL person would have resigned by now. She isn't human, absolutely bonkers idiot. I hope she dies of cancer or gets beheaded.
Shaun Sim
Tory rat! She has diverted 1.5 billion a year to the special needs group, then bought 2 aircraft carriers for 230 billion that no one wanted without planes? Then a further 289 billion on 4 nuke subs that she can stick up her tory arse! But the NHS gets a extra 39p a head? You just can't make this shit up! Why has this arsehole no quit beats me, A globalist out to milk the system for what she can get, This treasonous fool should be put in the tower of londonistan with that fool sadiq cunt if you ask me!
❤Brexit Party❤ Screw Treason May and Steptoe Corbyn
When the UK regains its sanity hopefully Theresa May's premiership will be recognised for what it was.
A brave and sincere attempt by an honest hardworking leader to deliver the result of a totally unnecessary referendum while ensuring the UK economy does not collapse.
The disaster that is the result of David Cameron attempts to solve the problem of tory spilts must be placed on his incompetent shoulders and the zealot bigots too those on the tory lunatic far right whose only Reson for promoting our retreat from the EU is to further their own business interests and political ambitions.
It's a pity that May became PM after the referendum her desire to do so was obviously based on a desire to do what was best for the country, not her own interests.
It's also a pity that the Premiership at that time did not go to one of the leading Brexit supporters the obvious one being either back stabbing Gove or buffoon Boris.
Lets hope those on the Tory right-wing do gain ascendence in UK's political life and introduce the free markets libertarian policies they are longing to introduce.
Let's hope if this happens the millions of ordinary people who have been suckered in believing their lying rhetoric will see them for the self-serving nutters they are.
Let's then hope the same disillusioned people who voted in the far right then have an about-face and vote in Corbyn's equally ridiculous far-left clowns .
Lets hope after both have managed to bring the country to its knees we can turn our backs on dogma riddled 
extremism and return to the sane political balanced that allowed all parties to promote programmes the benefited the country and not the desires of extremists.
I'll take a 1000 Ken Clark's or Denis Healy's over Corbyn or Johnson any day.
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Theresa May's political career Theresa May faces PMQs as her leadership 2 days ago   03:09

Brexit came to define her time as Prime Minister, but Theresa May had a long and varied political career.

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