RC ADVENTURES - "Little Dirty" Canadian Cars Truck and Surprise eggs 3 months ago   11:06

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Click to Subscribe! ► http://bit.ly/JOovvU - This is the MAiN Event! This film highlights two of the races that were held this day. Some trucks made it through, some didn't.. but ALL OF THEM gave a Great High Flying Action Fun Filled performance for you to enjoy!! This film is Part 2 of 2 in the series - (Part 1 here: http://bit.ly/1KrBhh1) These are Losi 1/5th scale 4x4 Short Course Trucks. Each one of them are powered by a gasoline/oil mix engine with an electronic brain. Each one of these vehicles have been modified in one form or another to optimize their performance, to the liking of their drivers.

Welcome to the RCSparks Studio Race Track, a private place we invite friends and family to have some awesome RC fun! The "Little Dirty" is a series of races prior to the BiG DiRTY Race held at the End of August (usually). These races are really just practice for the drivers and a chance to test out their rigs after modding, or purchasing equipment/new trucks.

Today was Really Hot - about +35c and the engines are running well. We are all dying of heatstroke (Canucks are usually in a deep freeze), but loving every minute of it!! The racers came out and the volunteers were there to help out flipping some trucks! Really AWESOME!

I used 6 cameras to capture footage including 2 GoPro's, 3 Video Cameras, and a DJi Phantom for Aerial footage. Shooting this film took a lot of planning and preparation at the race track, as well as getting all the gear in the right place at the right time. A SPECiAL Thanks to Donna and Jennett, my two amazing Camera Ladies, as well as my bro Everett for assisting in getting great footage for all to enjoy!

An even BiGGER SHOUT OUT to all that help make RC ADVENTURES and these types of events possible! The Viewers and Participants are the reason we do this show.. and we certainly hope it keeps you entertained and inspired, for years to come!

Thanks for watching!

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Israel Romero
Aquí en mí país creo que no hay esos tipo de auto a control porque ya he buscado. Y no tienen ni idea
Very cool... working on my new Video, too!! ...Check it out
Vikas Dangi Dangi
Inke naam kya h bahi
Desi in Canada
This is. Very nice. Show
Patrick Mcgee
What scale are those
Sunita Wangsu Wangsu
Give me a rc car adrees India arunachal Pradesh district changlang in Jairampur house number is E-76
Abhishek Aji
jose Penate
the best vid for 5th scale.
CarWarz RC
awesome video guys, keep it up......
Jaskaran Singh
Video pacand like please
This is a great video! Why so many thumbs down? Stupid! Awesome stuff!
Lavonia Duda
I enjoyed the video.
Cs. Mahuna Cs-a
Very good
Why do they destroy car in mud , cant they race on road or floor
Rc more
You should do a give away that does not evolve soshelmeadia
Father &SonRC
100k subs without a vid challenge
Those are some monster RC's
NooBy skeleton Gamer :3
Wait do people make there own or do they buy it. And how can I get into this
Justin Rogers
I love dirt racing🏁
Миша Аникин
Сложно новерно
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Cars Truck and Surprise eggs RC ADVENTURES - "Little Dirty" Canadian 3 months ago   10:24

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