i became a fortnite coach I Pretended To Be a BOT In Playground Then DESTROYED 1 week ago   12:41

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Cainen Klimek
Alia sucks
Adan A
He is so cute
Aaron Weimert
Your right Bodi muselk sucks
Andrew Redwood
And sad
Andrew Redwood
How much did u pay him to say that
Toogie Oxendine
My Son is 3 an he plays fortnite..he be on the mic and all 😎😎
Nicole Smat
Laserbeam is the best YouTuber
Twitch Flossen
Anna Hope
when I new fortnite I was 6 years old
The Next Generation of Gingy
Wilson Perez
Weird picture
Zovol LEGO
Yo weird no one likes you any more
Josiah Faria
Bod is a legend
Paige Lee
Lazarbeam gets a fortnite youtube account gets 1k subscribers in a month Bohdi gets a channel gets a million in a week lol😂
The Super Foxy Matt
Dis vid made me cry lol
Daniel Griffin
So cute
Marisol Cardona
I am sick🤮🤧🤧🤒🤢
Ronaldo Madrid
Marisol Cardona
Thank u for not saying cus words 🤧
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I Pretended To Be a BOT In Playground Then DESTROYED i became a fortnite coach 1 week ago   12:47

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I pretended to play like a BOT in Playground Mode then Destroyed this kid after he laughed at me for being a BOT and I got some hilarious reactions. In today's Fortnite Trolling video I acted like a BOT in playgrounds mode then destroyed this kid in a 1v1 and I got one of the best reactions ever. If you enjoyed the video feel free to subscribe to my channel for more funny videos
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