i became a fortnite coach I Pretended To Be a BOT In Playground Then DESTROYED 6 months ago   12:41

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Sana AS
So cute I was laughing alot
Show me da way plz my name isMr.Enderman 9315
I pooped my pants oops Productions
He’s the next big thing

He is so cool
corey hyper_2
: | a 6 year old is better than me
This 6 yearold builds better than me
Chizza123 Gamie
Not code Lazarbeam it’s code Lazar now
Cezar Fa'auiga
LazarBeam: Who's The Best Fortnite Player? Bodhi?

Bodhi: Ninja
Phoenix Gang
Yes I am bully a six year old don’t bully me
Phoenix Gang
That evil laugh though
Man U lover clarke
Like for bodhi

Man U lover clarke
Bodhi is cute
Cade Gamer
1:12 lazer beam IRL
dragon dragons
Who would win bodhi like comet ninja
Richard Brady
Lazar my last name is brady
Sebastian Molina
Right when lazarbeam impulsed bodhi into the trap an ad played that was loud LMAO👌👌
Sukomal Srinath
Does fresh gets paid for this
Horse Maniac
2:36 nghehehe
I like how you almost said S***
Miathewolf girl
I am 10 and play on moblie 😂😂
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I Pretended To Be a BOT In Playground Then DESTROYED i became a fortnite coach 6 months ago   12:47

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