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Laura has put in tens of thousands of hours over twenty years to help people make career transitions and improve their lives. Through her coaching company, books, corporate and civic speeches and her media appearances on such shows as The Oprah Winfrey show, CBS This Morning, GMA, The Today show and more, Laura has reached millions of people and showed them how to figure out what to do with their lives without ever looking at their resume.

Laura Berman Fortgang is the author of Now What? 90 Days to a New Life Direction and a pioneer in the personal coaching field. Her five books in total are published in thirteen languages, have graced bestseller lists and one, The Little Book on Meaning, was up for a Books for a Better Life Award alongside the Dalai Lama and Pema Chodron.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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Rencie Woolsey
The biggest lie in America is that you are "free" and able to make "choices." When an individual must take on some kind of debt -- whether for education, healthcare, housing, etc. at various stages of his or her life -- that is not a situation of true choice made from a position of freedom.
Mariam Ibrahim
Ramesh I
Thank you Laura, for your fine talk. I could relate to a lot of it, as I have been through that journey too. I too believe that a Resume is just a primer to one's competence and doesn't quite reveal the person in his/her entirety. The "who you get to be" part comes through only over an interview or face-to-face chat. Also, many highly competent people don't bother with a sparkling Resume, hoping they can ace the interview and get the job. As you say, one needs to acquire more skills throughout one's career, even if some of it may not make it to the Resume (after all it's just 2 pages, usually). I wish educational institutions also taught how to prepare a good Resume, which is after all one's personal marketing tool for any job.
Lolop Callulu
I’m 14 years old and this honestly brought me to tears... I’ve always been super creative (singing, dancing, drawing, knitting, interested in coding, photography, loved projects and learning, wondered about people and why they do what they do, always loved history and grammar and different languages and culture, always wanted to travel the world) and I love making people feel like they matter, putting smiles of people’s faces and helping people and showing them care and bettering them as a whole... please help me find careers... I’m desperate and I’m watching this late at night because by tomorrow I have to have picked my classes for sophomore year which will basically shape the rest of my high school experience which shapes my college experience which shapes my life... thank you and good night... God bless you all and your situations... seriously though please help me, I’m really desperate and emotionally exhausted...
ponz znop
Who you get to be is the Real You.. wow great talk
Aware -n- Connected
Excellent! Awesome video. This is so helpful to everyone.
Deb Wetmore
I'd like to find information that applies to trauma victims ... we who didn't have the opportunity to dream - day to day survival was everything.
Wow, so many unexpected insights for someone who “knows it all”. I never thought of my vows...among others. Thank you! 🙏🏼🙏🏼✨💫✨👋🏻😊
Le Balm
I needed to hear this today. Thank you Laura
Heather Elzinga
I’m 50 and want to be a professional ballet dancer. My passion is dancing. Someone tell me how to make it happen 😉
Zita Kinder
Silvana Triches
Mix and match your best abilities and you find yourself and the jobs for you good lack
Simply... Inspiring!
karthi balasubramanian
I need the email I'd of this lady I need help frm her
Stay Honey
What about people who have a dream but keep changing and their over 30’s? So now it’s like you have to choose something.
degas cochin
I'm looking for a career change after my 21 years of on and off logistics to cuisine and fashion industry
Valérie De Roeck
This is so on point, i needed to hear that!
Todd Zickel
Love this! Next interview, I'm going to be bold & share, this job position is my Yolk and will allow me to be who I'm meant to be which will grow your business. More profits, satisfied customers or guests, higher team morale... Hire me so I can be who I was created to be... Awesome!
Sol Raat KaBa
I dont mean to be negative or bring up race, but white people have these choices and opportunities to do this and live for their dreams. I've seen it in the workplace myself.
Christophe Valiant
Tears of joy after 9 years of confusion. I always wanted to be a philosopher as professional artist as a child and have my own museum . I went to the university and picked the medical field, then accounting, then I changed my mind a million times... I love to inspire people and teach them wisdoms and lessons that I learned from my life, in my painting. Any comments?
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Work Flow: Finding Work Find your dream job without 2 days ago   18:24

Turning a natural talent into a career sounds like a no-brainer. Think again, says Liz Brown. As a partner and commercial litigator in an international law firm, she was “doing what I had been trained to do for 15 years. I was at the top of my game. But I was miserable . . . and that’s no way to live.”

Liz Brown is a nationally recognized expert on career choice and reinvention, the author of the Amazon best-seller, Life After Law: Finding Work You Love with the JD You Have, and an Assistant Professor of Business Law at Bentley. She has practiced law in San Francisco, London, and Boston, advising senior executives at Fortune 500 companies on legal strategies and managing multi-million dollar cases as a litigation partner from beginning to end.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at