The Movie That Destroyed Pixar's The Fake Socialite Who Scammed New York's 2 days ago   23:23

more like bad dinosaur hueh hueh

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Welcome to The Untitled Cosmodore Video About Dinosaurs
The Good Dinosaur may not have had good story ( though I do have to admit it brought a few tears to my eyes ), but what it did had was breathtaking animation & visuals.
Rich Instinct
Inside out is trash
Ben P
the movie was great what are you talking about
Jaroda the Hunter
Nice choice of music you had playing throughout the video!
It's pretty much just a rip-off of The Land Before Time and Ice Age.
littleghostu 2
Only thing I remember about this movie is that it actively made me angry. I kept holding on, thinking something would happen, but nothing. I don't know why I finished, must have been out of reach of the mouse.
Pixar wasn't the first to release a entirely cgi movie.
finnegan munro
Does the entire team at Pixar just spend Saturdays high on 6 different drugs in order to come up with movie ideas? Because that's what it seems like.
frank ponds
The Good Dinosaur was just rendering practice for their scenery.
Angel C
*dont eat random berries kids*
Fuck everyone in the comments saying cars 2 isnt a good movie
suck my fat dick cunts it's amazing
mymiddlenameis thomas
Arlo was so anoying
Shane Williams
The Good Dinosaur is honestly one of my favorite Pixar films... death of a parent and a harsh story about growing up and a great score too... idk man. I loved it lol
• Esteban •.
A Bug’s Life is the most underrated film of all time
Matthew Jenkins
That Bob Peterson joke killed me 😂
i absolutely hate the contrast between the beautiful, detailed landscapes and the simplistic and cartoony character design. it feels really unbalanced and it bothers me idk
Cranky Fox
It's all down to growth. When pixar was a quirky small company that was made up of good writers and animators they made gold. The moment they locked into Disney's dumb bullshit and started expanding is the moment the team fell apart and just sank.
Animation companies don't need hundreds of employees. Case in point. Pixar's toy story 1 took 100 employees of which only 27 were actually animators. 27 people animated toy story. Imagine if they had spent that money on purely improving the equipment and making their employees comfortable.
Pretty sure "Brave" ruined Pixar's reputation.
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The Fake Socialite Who Scammed New York's The Movie That Destroyed Pixar's 2 days ago   10:51

Anna Delvy came on the New York City party scene in 2016 and immediately won over everyone. However, her bills started to pile up and New York City's finest hotels led to her eventual downfall. Cheddar investigates this fake heiress.

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