Grandad's Postbag 190126 Postbag #11: LED Drivers, 150W 2 days ago   07:08

Grandad's Postbag 190126 - 10 tooth pinion gears

I am not endorsing these products and I get no income from the sellers so I suggest you do your own search and find the product that suits your purposes.
Uxcell 50Pcs/lot 2mm Shaft 10T 12T 16 Teeth 102A 122A 162A Plastic Shaft Gear for DIY Car Robot Motor Toy Accessories - I bought these on AliExpress for £0.92

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XDeelan Ratsegg
I've bought gears like that off eBay before. I used one to repair my first Snowflake Spinning Snowman. I have something else that needs repair, so I need to get more.
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Postbag #11: LED Drivers, 150W Grandad's Postbag 190126 2 days ago   09:20

Today's postbag items. eBay listing links below:

1w LED Driver MBI6651 Luxeon White Green Blue Constant Current output 350mA

12V 1x3W DC/AC High Power LED Driver Power Supply Pin Connector for one 3W LEDs

Power Boost Module 150W Car power DC-DC 10-32V Turn 12-35V Boost module T5

USB2.0 To TTL 6Pin CH340G Converter for STC Arduino PRO Instead of CP2102 PL2303