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The sidewalk stalking & execution scene from desperado

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Sal S
Seeing her for the 1st time = love at 1st sight......the 🎸was a bounce, forever in the back of my mind when i think of her.
He is more beautiful than she is.
first time i ever saw salma hayek, sae this movie back in college with freinds, i remember going ai mami
best soundtrack for sure!
Гулжан Айнакулова
тутрусско язычные есть
Windex Spray
Banderas saved the day!
Such a powerful scene
Habib Ahmed
Don't look back... just look at the beauty on your front!
gabriel sylvestre
Danny Trejo 0:54
Julie Smallwood
What did them two guys say in Spanish when they crashed?
Robert Rambert
I wish to fuck her like a wild cat
Lil Jay
Mary j blige was right salma hot as fire
Nicholas Stix

As for Salma Hayek, some of whose fans here can't even spell her name, when you spend tens of thousands of dollars on a fake face, fake butt, and fake boobs, you ought to have something to show for it.

Nicholas Stix, Uncensored
X Sanchez
Song is strange face of love by Tito and the tarantulas
Angel CityGirl
She was gorgeous!!!
Alexandru Achindinov
2017 and this scene is sexy as f...!
Saul Amador
Sexy ** atracción explosiva,de Salma Hayek**
Thankgod Nansel
don't look back
hernan cano what is
hernan cano
cuál es el nombre de la cancion de fondo??
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