BUILDING A HOME on THE RANCH for NEW EXOTIC Surprise Morph Bullsnakes! I Can't 1 day ago   20:14

Blakes Exotic Animal Ranch
Today we got an awesome new exotic pet a kinkajou that will live here on the ranch for ever I’m so excited to have him here to have in are videos! The ranch fam!
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Edited By: Dylan Moll
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jessica velasquez
A monkey
Jessica Stucker
🕊 or 🐒
francesca wood
monkey or big cat
Elle London
I think it'll be a sloth
Hallie Hogan
It is a monkey🐒🐵
Rodriguez Guy
Monkey monkey monkey monkey
Alice Kittrell
I think it is mockeys
Alex Wolfie
Wolf my fav animal
Agustin Lopez
Mean-Muggin MMA
Or rakcon
A Bat??????
Mean-Muggin MMA
Munky or slofe
Nevaeh Wilson
Or is it a snake sorry I didn't put this on my last one🐍
Gina Ken
What a amazing animal I wish I had my own farm like yours
Grant Ogle
I am a chikin
j.m. guevara
I promise you gave it it a monkey?🤔🤣
Xyzee Anne
Kol animal
Denisse Najera
I think the animal is a monkey or a teacup pig
Rosi Reyes
I think it is a monkey
XxØlianderxX Edits
Is That a kinkajou?!?!
*reads description* OMG it’s CuTe
*whole neighborhood hears 9 years girl screaming*
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Surprise Morph Bullsnakes! I Can't BUILDING A HOME on THE RANCH for NEW EXOTIC 1 day ago   10:32

When we paired our hybino (het whiteside) bullsnake to our plain ol' hypo (or so we thought), we were expecting all hypo het albinos. But check out what actually hatched!! She must have had some hidden hets!!

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