Kangaroos & Romantic Fire, Australia Resident Escapes Coventry House 2 days ago   09:45

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Kangaroos, bush walking & making a campfire. Outdoor date. Cotter Dam Discovery Trail. Australia Vlog 70.

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Jimmy Durey
nice ass on the girl
Steven Szabo
Holding hands.....are you two getting a little serious there brother?
What big looking mice.
Is she a filipina? I didn't hear her speak so I can't tell.
Sammy C.
nice video, great girl, does this mean no more Philippines or is there a duo trip coming up. happy for you B.
Glenn Wheeler
I thought for a moment you'd be treating her to roasted duck flambe, as close as they were getting to the fire there. haha
Oleg Tsverkalyuk
Joel Fernandez
Che espiritu
I was waiting for a barbecue somehow 😁😋 Nice vid!The end part was cute with you instructing her how the two of you are walking away 😊 The kangaroos are huge!😱 Keep vlogging!👍
Charles Griffith
Wow 😍👫💓💕💕👌💘💗💖👰👰👌🏩🚀😆💑
Thousands of Filipina hearts are breaking tonight in the PI. You both look good together. Do a vid introducing her to us.
michael j
Looks a great place , the young lady she is a keeper hope it goes well for you both . When I was staying with friends in Perth Australia we went to a massive cemetery just sat around at 4 p.m. on the dot the kangaroos suddenly appeared what a moment for me seeing wild kangaroos for the first time in magical moment. Nice vlog as always
Should've brought some marshmallows and skewer, yum.
ricky usa
Never mind the kangaroos, don't scare her away!
ricardo avelino
Cute video
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Resident Escapes Coventry House Kangaroos & Romantic Fire, Australia 2 days ago   01:56

Woman credits her baby and Coventry police for helping them escape quickly.