Seahawks vs. Cowboys Wild Card Full NFL Playoff Predictions 2019 6 months ago   11:46

The Seattle Seahawks take on the Dallas Cowboys during Wild Card Weekend of the 2018 NFL Post Season.

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Seventh Mist
Great play by KJ...except that he very clearly hit the guy before the phucking ball arrived.
Blue Diamond
I hate the cowboys so frick this game
Alaina Whitehead
i love team cowboys my family go carzy on game day the even make me were a cowboys t shrit and we have chips and dip #theam cowboys
All these salty cowboys fans talking about cowboys than they lose next week😂 Seahawks>cowgirls
The Twister
Don’t you just love watching your team run into a wall the hole game
ityeboi meme
if the sea hawks did not miss the field goal they could of beaten the Rams to prevent a terrible super bowl
Joshua C
This was a really exciting game.
Carson Wentz beat 2 teams with a winning record all season in 2017🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Blow' The Whistle
Dallas is that team coming 2019 cow boy!!
John Sanders
Now why in the hell would you go for 2 when your down bye 4 take the points and then inside it. But the again why did you go for it on the Super Bowl against the Patriots?? My guess totally scripted fake games
RustyTinCanMan yt
At 8:24 the cb waits for cooper to be down and the whistle was blown then he strikes at cooper
Tanner Griffith
go Dallas cowboys
A.D Thomas Sr.
Refs stole this game
stop hating and spread love
1:24 👀
Doug’s last game in Seattle :(
E Wy
6:05 that hold on Gregory is just a grotesquely sacrilegious debacle
Elijah Mungia
They skipped Allen herns injury
Left foot kicker vs. Left foot punter
I’m. Cowboys fan..if Seattle would have thrown more they would have won
Scott light
Now that we got rid of old ass janikowski were good
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Full NFL Playoff Predictions 2019 Seahawks vs. Cowboys Wild Card 6 months ago   22:59

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