Hang Challenge is the HARDEST Carnival Who wins the 10,000 Tickets?!?!?! 2 months ago   11:57

Plush Time Wins
We came across some carnival games while we were exploring around Universal Studios Singapore so we gave them all a try. The hang challenge has to be the hardest carnival game we have every played!

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Hannah Grace
Tip: if you are at the carnival and there is a basketball game, I wouldn’t recommend trying it because they’re rigged ! I was riding the Farris wheel and noticed that the rims are oval shaped so that they look normal, but in reality the ball wont be able to go in!
You Smell
Can’t poop? Just blame the wind!
Jim Leong
Not only it's hard, it's expensive
Jackson Clary
The game at 2:05 is feckin easy
Sean Atherton
I live in Singapore
Alyssa Slayer
Them: the wind is crazy 😝
Me: then why is your hair not flying 🧐
Kaci Walton
It would be funny if claw kicker and plush time wins are at the same carnival
Felicia Wilson
I got that giraffe on the same place.
Ivy Benson
Sarasota county fair is better
Bhel Roa
I think I did not visit your channel for months. I miss the "I gotta have the faith the faith the faith!" 🎵🎶🎵🎶
Roses are red
Daequan goes *REEEEEE*
The part you are looking for
Is 8:53
Vivi Darmono
I went there before
Angelgabriel Ellora
Wow is the unicorn
Doggo Pleun
8:21 :)
Killerbug 088118
It’s not the wind it’s them
Tiara G
Are you allowed to hang upside down on the bar one I would totally win
Lyric Ybarra
I won $100 from hang for one minute
Kaelyn S
I would hang on for dear life to get that cactus
caleb chan
I am from Singapore 😆
Tyrone Ramos
Is the girl host is kid or sped
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Who wins the 10,000 Tickets?!?!?! Hang Challenge is the HARDEST Carnival 2 months ago   15:24

10,000 tickets is a lot of tickets! Who is going to win the tickets and get some cool prizes from the prize area?

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