Boris Johnson v Jeremy Hunt Will Boris Johnson be Britain's 2 days ago   16:08

Channel 4 News
Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt are the final two in the battle to be Britain’s next Prime Minister.



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David Hargreaves
CHANNEL 4 is complete Marxist garbage...time for the Licence fee to be ABOLISHED
Why is Nick Clegg in line with the prime ministers? He was never PM!
Peter Smith
You'll need more than the navy for your support Hunt lol... You havnt got a chance.
Neo Theone
hahahaahahahah Brits are fucked.. what crazy choice they have!!
Alain James
I'd feel badly for the UK but for the fact that they are torturing Julian Assange without a peep of protest from "journalists", "publishers", or the general public.
And, needless to say, these two buffoons, Hunt and Johnson, are silent on the issue.
i rather watch Muppets show...
Mary Dudley
All Jeremy Hunt can do is stab Boris in the Back every time he opens his mouth, He is so full of himself & no substance God Help Us if he becomes P,M, He has no Personality Whatsoever, He would definitely finish the Conservative Party ,
dave brennan
One lying Cnut against another lying Cnut you have to be a moron as labour conservative and liberals tell you if you vote for any MP that currently stands in Parliament
8 8
Boris hasnt got any plan, he sounds like hes been on a fucking bong, and hunt will have to be surgically removed from trumps bottom, any ruggamuffins out there with common sense, because these posh sods are ruining our country, people voted brexit because of austrerity, but if we leave and save all that money, we just heard we will still have austrity. So pff.
The last 2 videos of John Snow I've seen he's mentioned white people. I think he needs to stop being racist against his own people!
barrie Williams
PS. Have you noticed Hunt's eyes...……..
barrie Williams
Boris & Trump should get on. Hunt on the other hand....nah, aint going to work. So it looks like Boris. I quite like comedy shows lol.
The weekend stories of his domestic affairs meaning b johnson are only an aperitif for his future as potential Britain’s leader. I have a hunch that Johnson will come to regret securing the prize for which he has struggled so long, because the experience of the premiership will lay bare his absolute unfitness for it.

If the Johnson family had stuck to showbusiness like the Osmonds, Marx Brothers or von Trapp family, the world would be a better place. Yet the Tories, in their terror, have elevated a cavorting charlatan to the steps of Downing Street, and they should expect to pay a full forfeit when voters get the message. If the price of Johnson proves to be Corbyn, blame will rest with the Conservative party, which is about to foist a tasteless joke upon the British people – who will not find it funny for long.

i believe it would be a very good thing indeed if we had someone as primeminister as J Hunt, with a solid political career behind him who can be entrusted with leading the uk into a better future.
Disabled Velociraptor
Franz Ungricht
Jeremy Hunt is trusted in Brussels? That doesn't sound like a good recommendation to me!
Ifmusicbethefoodoflove Egc
Snow hates leavers almost as much as he hates conservatives. He has met his match in Raab, who will, I hope be a key part of Boris' team. Snow has convenient lapses of memory when he forgets that Gordon Brown wasn't even voted in as PM, yet expects the whole of the UK to have a say in who becomes the new Conservative leader! Double standards, Jon!!
Don Camillo
boris promises everything...but it will be fun to see when he will deliver nothing....
Ali Madar
If you think Boris is a comedian and funny, then think twice. He is a thug crocodile. Boris Johnson is killing the conservative party, and he doesn't have a clue about Brexit..
nomad nimoi
Wig Vs Wig.... What a choice the British public has when the go they poll........... That's right folks the right to vote for the next prime minister has been denied. This is not a race its an abandonment of democracy. We have been betrayed by the people that should be working for the will of the people. And the people will be heard!! NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION. If there's no public vote then we the people are not being represented. NO TAXATION WITH OUT REPRESENTATION!!
Rock girl
hunt is a ....
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Will Boris Johnson be Britain's Boris Johnson v Jeremy Hunt 2 days ago   07:37

Several contenders are jostling for leadership of the Conservative Party in Britain.

The frontfrunner is Boris Johnson. But as chief foreign correspondent Phil Williams explains, no matter who becomes Prime Minister, they face the unenviable task of sorting out Brexit, which has already felled two conservative leaders.

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