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Watch This Before You Watch Porn Again | Sadhguru (Eye Opening Speech)
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I have listened to him. Found no motivation to nofap. But when I watched his beard my urge lost. Thank you.
Fred Cox Martin
*🅻🅰🆆 🅾🅵 🅰🆃🆃🆁🅰🅲🆃🅸🅾🅽 Té́́́́ćhńí́́́́qú́́́́é́́́́éé Tő Ćhá́́́́ńǵé́́́́ééé Thé́́́́ Ẃá́́́́ӳ Ӳőú́́́́ Ĺőőḱ & 🅼🅰🅽🅸🅵🅴🆂🆃 Ӳőú́́́́ŕ Dŕé́́́́á́́́́ḿ Bődӳ ( ★ Áśtŕáĺ Ṕŕőjéćtíőń ★ Bíńáúŕáĺ Béátś ) 💪( ͡ʘ ͜ʖ ͡ʘ) >> ***

මා එක් එක් කෙනා සඳහා එක් දිනක් සඳහා නොවේ
Eco clean Green
And now I go watch sex
(Great success)
The all words are true.......
Rangga Ramadya
🤣😃 thax
Fake woke. It was porn that drove internet as a tech.
So True me and my friends stoped watching porn since 6 Months, we actually felt that it is making us sick and we get worse in bed, we got strangely aroused by pornographig habits less than getting horny if you have actually a naked girl in front of you... All this shit not shown and mentioned in porn is incredible... That she has some fat, her belly is not flat if she has the legs up, sexual fluids everywhere, putting on a condom, your dick not matching the size of the guys in videos, and that shit witch would not work to bring a women to an orgasm in real life but in the porn she already yelling 10 seconds after he put his dick in.... Ridicoulos, they are showing you a world wich is not real...
Reuis Akla
Find me a girlfriend and ill stop watching porn, im littrly living this live fighting my desires. Poor as fuck, introvert, got mental health where my voice vanish when i try talking to someone, ugly and poor asfuck.. someday i'll be brave enough to kill myself can't wait 🙂 21 year are enough for me this garbage live got the best of me already 70% of ppl are 🤮
Kevin Schwager
Spoken well. Well my eyes are opened now to the one fact. What does this show? It is showing, what humanity all over the world has in common: human nature!!!!
Zauditu Fagan
where's the comment that translates ?
D Stuart
I just don't like folks who are self-proclaimed and so-called experts about "life" and people follow them like they are gods. Figure things out for yourself and respect yourself. I'm massively liberal, but this guy just looks affected and smug.
Finally someone with sense
Stephanee Hernandez
Well I ain’t no quitter👋🏻
Mandar Powale
porn is poorly blocked. I watch porn from time to time and fap to it. It is a bittersweet form of whatever it is. I like beautiful women as much as the next guy
Terramorfo AV
I know he's wise, honest and means well... But i just have one question...

Ain't he really the Head of the Kwik e Mart?
House of Motivation
This is a very necessary topic. I used to tell people the same thing. I share something similar on my YouTube channel not long ago, title 15 secrets of the world most successful and also 15 Worst Feeling ever and how to overcome. One the major reason many people indulge in all these acts is as a result of what i called feeling of emptiness.There are better ways to put internet to use. It's an opportunity for us and we should not misuse it. Thanks
Harvey Styles
Fap > Prostate Cancer
Maria Rosa
This mans voice could put me to sleep any day of the week
Watching porn is definitely for losers...
Selfmade Man
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