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Law of Attraction Coaching
Watch This Before You Watch Porn Again | Sadhguru (Eye Opening Speech)
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Terramorfo AV
I know he's wise, honest and means well... But i just have one question...

Ain't he really the Head of the Kwik e Mart?
Master IKI
This is a very necessary topic. I used to tell people the same thing. I share something similar on my YouTube channel not long ago, title 15 secrets of the world most successful and also 15 Worst Feeling ever and how to overcome. One the major reason many people indulge in all these acts is as a result of what i called feeling of emptiness.There are better ways to put internet to use. It's an opportunity for us and we should not misuse it. Thanks
Harvey Styles
Fap > Prostate Cancer
Maria Rosa
This mans voice could put me to sleep any day of the week
Watching porn is definitely for losers...
Selfmade Man
Tom Sawyer
Fact . Internet is for porn.
Oana Alexandra Mihai
Luka Tasic
For every like I will not fap for 1 day
Love Laced
Lol’s at the lady/girl ..@2:19-:2:20 in the middle wearing the black and pink top..her facial expression is a dead’s
You guys are so disrespectful !!! And it's not funny ! This man trys to help us and some stupid kids are writing pervert comments !
Ziad Achrf
Translate it in arabic please
Dr Pandey
Great Indian people ...respect India
Random Person
This is very useful and a very wise video. But people are just being idiots in the comments.
Mustafa Dal
pa Wo
Tell you what. Come out with me for a couple of nights sadGary. Sounds like you are just ranting about things that you have never experienced yourself. Which just makes you ignorant and irresponsible. I’ll show you the best casinos and we’ll gamble. And the best clubs and bars while getting hammered and doing some of the best drugs. Then go and have repeated sex with some beautiful girls that you don’t know or you’ll never see again. Then to finish off easy, we’ll go back home and get some of the best barbecue takeout meat. Get fucked up again. Then play some great video games. After that, I’ll show you pornhub and leave you alone for 2 days. Bet ya your one arm is gonna be a-lot bigger than the other when i pick you up again and you will have a permanent smile. Before I drop you off at your dumpster or box, I’m gonna buy you some decent clothes so you don’t look homeless anymore. That way you can get a job. And i bet you will do all that all over again without me. Maybe even to excess. (Which is where the real wisdom comes in) In that case you might die in a week or a month or whatever. But I’ll tell you one thing for sure, you will die a HappyGary not a sad one. And if you don’t, then you will have the right to make these videos because you’ll be talking out of experience. Not ignorance. Because anyone can throw a tablecloth around them and preach only what they read. I would love it if even once in your video you told these fools a story about how you got addicted to video games or porn because you locked yourself in your moms basement and didn’t come out in days cuz it was addicting. Then you lost your job or something. But you don’t have these stories. Because you have none of this experience. Which makes your word mean fuck all.
No different than a blind man giving me directions. Which is essentially what you’re doing. It’s just irresponsible. And makes you a thief if you’re charging anyone to hear you speak.
Amir Kumarsi
After his speech he goes home to his laptop and straight to pornhub.
sosaboy sosa
People should listen to this guy......its honest!!
Tannu Arora
I don't know what people search for pornography. I just hate that 🤨
Cliche speech!
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