Africa - 2016 Realizing Africa INTERVIEW: The progress towards a continental 1 day ago   1:05:38

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The African Union has committed to setting up the Continental Free Trade Area by 2017. Given that Africa accounts for 3% of global trade, how can leaders develop sustainable long-term partnerships and trade relations?

Dimensions to be addressed:
- Solving export barriers
- Developing trade clusters
- Strengthening regional and global value chains

· Michael Froman, US Trade Representative.
· Siyabonga Gama, Chief Executive Officer, Transnet, South Africa.
· Arancha Gonzalez Laya, Executive Director, International Trade Centre (ITC), Geneva.
· Tarek Sultan Al Essa, Chief Executive Officer and Vice-Chairman of the Board, Agility, Kuwait.

Moderated by Beatrice Marshall, TV Anchor, CCTV Africa, Kenya.

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Extinguished panel lol, she seems a bit nervous, but she's did well.
kudz Pakaipa
great stuff.
my only problem is we are talking about improving African Economy, intra-trade, but we invite China & USA to give us advice😂..
abhijeet mk
africa can feed the whole world in agricultural products
John Paul
white people making decision for africa
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INTERVIEW: The progress towards a continental Africa - 2016 Realizing Africa 1 day ago   05:21

One of the African Union's main projects this year, is getting all 54 member states to sign and implement the agreement to establish a continental free trade area. But will this plan implode like so many grand efforts before it? At the moment, grand ideas like the Yamoussoukro Decision to treat African airspace as a single block, or simpler ones like the Abuja and Maputo declarations, which set minimum levels for governments to spend on healthcare and agriculture, are yet to be fully implemented. CGTN's Robert Nagila put that question to the Head of Ernst & Young's operations in Ethiopia.