SPOT THE DIFFERENCE GAME IN REAL my deleted videos *NEVER BEFORE 5 months ago   12:11

Heath Hussar
Scott and I take my Ford Raptor Off Roading!! Then I hang with Dommy D babyyy. Scott, Mariah and I rearrange the room and try to spot the difference!

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Madeline Voelkel
Thinking about that time I saw Dominic at a park in NY when I was on vacation with my family and I went on a walk ahahaha
Melchior’s Jeep adventures
Heath should look around for off roading parks, it’s so much fun there’s gotta be one in LA
Até Ks
Maria : thats great😂😂😂
Alizah Sample
Spot the difference, featuring an existential/mid-life crisis from Heath
Amruta Kadam
1:23 that’s every road in India
Miranda Herrara
You’re 25 my brother was born in 93
Nelle John
Oh man I’m 26 too and I feel hella old
Erin Carrasco
That game was awesome! Keep playing that!
Gabriella Del Castillo
“You can’t stop the clock”
Got too deep too quick
Ebony Cutler
Hi vessel.
Jen Wes
That scene in the car with Scotty at the end was sooooo pretty
Bruh i worry about being an adult and im 10 years younger 😂
Christopher Mendoza
10:07 “TEEEN”
Emily grace
Damn that ending got deep
Shenna Davis
Omg can't believe I'm older than heath lol iit's ok tho I don't mind younger men haha jk I'm 27
Heavenly Scents
watching heath and scott tryna do maths is EVERYTHING.
Deach Lima Lechman deez nuts
Dom has changed soooooo much
Sarah Austin
I love that you have to watch an ad just to end the video
Peyton Anthony
Aye don’t hate on my favorite YouTuber @MrBeast although I know it was just a joke but still
Alessandra Arteaga
I’m 13 and I’m already forgetting my age
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my deleted videos *NEVER BEFORE SPOT THE DIFFERENCE GAME IN REAL 5 months ago   22:35

great start to 2019




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