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Heath Hussar
Scott and I take my Ford Raptor Off Roading!! Then I hang with Dommy D babyyy. Scott, Mariah and I rearrange the room and try to spot the difference!

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Aaliyah Gomez
I love the video ideas!! Trust me there not cheesy
Chris Camp
She must've said something naughty after heath said "suck it" because it cut scenes lol
Am I the only one who thinks Joe and Dom look alike?
Jenel T
I loved the serious car talk. Cool af.
Jenel T
Heath and Scotty really are my favorite duo
Bianca Thomson
Heath you're 25
giselle ramirez
they have a pray for the wicked vinyl oh my
Sophie M
I am 30 that's how I felt when I was 25 lol
bl4k3ly b4rb3r
@HeathHussar..........Geez I'm 34yrs old..I feel really old now!! With that said I forget my age all the time but luckily I have a beautiful daughter.. and I know how old I was when I had her and of course how old she is😁 so, that's how I figure it out lol!! Also, myself, the hubs, our daughter and son..all had to pack our lovely lil southern life up, which was all we ever knew!! We have never ever lived anywhere else but Alabama..born and bred and proud of it!! Anyways, we packed up and moved to LA for a little while {actually we lived in El Segundo.. which technically isn't too far from LA.. however fuckin traffic is a real true ass bitch!!!!}, but my husband worked his ass off and put himself through college and while he not only helped coach our children's sports teams he worked nights and went to school during the day ..all so that he could provide a better life for us if and when his job transfers him then we collectively as a unit sat down and talked and agreed that we would all be transferred as well.. because we are a family!! But anyways his job transferred us.. And we recently moved back to Alabama..our home state.. LOVE the south and never want to leave again {fingers crossed}, I can't deny though that if the opportunity arose again and my husband was transferred we wouldn't be totally down for a new adventure :-)..born and raised here in bama and just enjoying our time here until the next adventure comes. But for now we are completely content in our beautiful home, where the houses are not on top of each other, we have a nice piece of land, we have some gorgeous chickens.. so we have fresh eggs every morning.. living our best life with our cute little doggie that we found at our hunting camp :-). So I completely understand what @HeathHussar is saying about mud riding and how LA is just so different!! When we lived in California..I missed conecuh sausage, mud riding, the accent, the hunting camp, SWEET TEA (not ice tea!!) To say the least it was a culture shock..but my husband and I have always been hella adventurous and game for pretty much anything..we always say we are completely down to try something at least once!! Also we aren't, I guess, what's considered the 'typical' or what people think they know about a southern family. We are extremely open, accepting and free spirit's!! We have a VERY open and great Honest/dialogue/relationship with our children. So even though it definitely was a transition to say the least it absolutely was so much fun and I wouldn't trade that experience for the world!! 🤩😎🇯🇪🍑🌈
I love how November 27 is your anniversary for being sober from cigarettes and it’s my anniversary with my girlfriend lol fuck celebrating my anniversary ima celebrate yours lol
Liza Ivashchenko
Is Dom okay ? He looks like he’s half way into his mid life crisis
Carlos J Cintrón
Scotty looks like an 80s cop here
Hadassa Guerrier
0:51 don’t worry it’s just a speed bump
Ghoste D.
i used to live in Vegas, its really great there. the people kinda suck but same as LA. plus the content you would be able to make on the strip would be 10/10 never a shortage of that lol
"and we're in 2009" LMFAOOO
Bridget Valdez
scott: 2013- thats 20
heath: IM THIRTY ?!
Mayra Zuniga
Lol, where’s my dollar 25 😂
Vannesa Murguia
Do the math you guys 1993 -2019
I use to work at 4wheel parts.
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my deleted videos *NEVER BEFORE SPOT THE DIFFERENCE GAME IN REAL 2 weeks ago   22:35

great start to 2019




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