Cartoon Depicts Illegal Mexicans Smugglers' Jeep Gets Stuck 2 days ago   01:02

Wetbacks crossing like mice.

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Romeo D
Some people don't know that Mexico is mix. There are white mexican.
They are a criminal culture.
why would you say it depicts mexicans if it depicst italians
Pancho Villa
good fucking video, america is just a racist fucking country period......
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Smugglers' Jeep Gets Stuck Cartoon Depicts Illegal Mexicans 2 days ago   01:06

Two suspected smugglers get their vehicle stuck on a makeshift ramp, placed on a fence in US-Mexico Border.

While stories involving border crossing are often tragic, every now and then you'll find an amusing one.

Two suspected smugglers who were allegedly trying to cross the border from Mexico into California near Arizona created a unique and alternative way to drive right under United States border patrol agents' noses. The suspected smugglers recently drove a Jeep over their own makeshift ramp, which was built over a 14 foot high border fence near the Imperial Sand Dunes in Southern California.

The vehicle's two occupants fled the scene, running back into Mexico when border officials made their way towards them. The Jeep apparently got stuck and began teetering while at the top of the ramp.

The two suspects remain at large and the SUV turned out to be empty but officials believe it was probably filled with marijuana before it got stuck. Last year a similar incident occurred.

In April, border agents discovered a truck that had ramps built onto it. The vehicle was driven up and over the fence, however the driver and passengers were caught.