Understanding the cleaning process using Restroom Cleaning Using SIMPLE 1 day ago   00:22

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Advanced Dicing Technologies Ltd
• Cleaning powder residue to expose the diamonds
• Machining of blade binder to better expose new sharp diamonds
• Improving dicing quality / Reducing blade load

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Restroom Cleaning Using SIMPLE Understanding the cleaning process using 1 day ago   10:51

Cleaning a restroom with a Kaivac No-Touch Cleaning system is not only extremely effective and efficient; its also very easy after some simple, fundamental training. The basic process involves just three easy stages: spraying cleaning solution on fixtures and surfaces, then pressure rinsing the surfaces with fresh water, and finally vacuuming away the soils and water, leaving the restroom clean and dry.

This video provides an overview of the restroom cleaning process while covering the basic Kaivac No-Touch Cleaning process thats used when cleaning most surfaces. Once you have a basic understanding of this process, youll be able to apply these principles to clean virtually any area within a building.

For detailed information on restroom cleaning tasks and cleaning other areas of your facility, please see the entire library of training videos available at http://www.kaivac.com/resourcecenter/training https://www.kaivac.com/