Boscastle Floods Footage from Boscastle, Flash Flood 4 months ago   03:30


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Sharphyperion 8
Who dislikes this?
Most of the shops have been bought by londoners (pretend cornish)who turned then into art galleries and souvenir shops and cafes it needed a good flush out bet they all went ooh arr with a cokney accent,the flood didn't ruin the village the londoners did,
Blue Skies
When I was just born ;-;
Linda T
The upsetting thing for us was there was only three news coverage's of this, and did we get any help NO. Ok they have now built a flood defense in Boscastle, but to little to late. Cornwall get's so much flooding and yet the government doesn't allow any funding for it. And you never see them on the news because they're that common that most news agencies think "blah.. what's new". But when Somerset was flooded it wasn't off the news! A wall of over nine feet of water came crashing down on us, 3 news segments of five or eight minutes, one of which was on the weather broadcast. Still no funding funding for us but Somerset on the news all the time, money allocated from the budget to help with the relief. Worst part is that most of this and everyone before and since could have been avoided. If the councils had not stopped cleaning the run off drains in the road of mud. Every single one esp the coastal towns and villages are full of mud as hard as concrete. We get high spring tides, tidal surges and storms, each of which sends four or five feet worth of water into our homes and streets around three or four times a year. Never used to be like this when I was young, in fact remember it hardly ever rained in Cornwall when I was little. I'm 50 now, and the difference between now and in the 70's is like chalk and cheese!

So anyone that comes to Cornwall on holiday, studying can I ask you one favour. Would you PLEASE support our local shops and family run B&B's/Hotels. And not the large corporate shops and Hotels, as we see none of that money, and the only way we can tackle what is going on down here. Is through self funding and other means. Because the government doesn't give a shite! The only thing we are good for in their eyes is for Holidays! Oh and have seen so many comments online over the years of the Cornish being reserved or rude. Well if I'm honest Yes we are, but it's not aimed truly at you, it's a case of life down here is really hard. And yet we seem to be ignored or laughed at by the rest of Great Britain. Apart from Wales that is.... And we often get many people of a certain type from the upper class with second homes, yachting parties and they often talk down to us locals. You even hear some saying quite openly, they are so stupid down here. Well guess what we aren't, we are just beat down!

Oh one last thing, (I'm not doing a rant by the way, just helping anyone that visits my home to understand why we are acting like that.)

Because I'm sure my post is going to create a negative reaction in some (I'm truly not aiming this at anyone on here, well unless you're an MP :) , and I know this will be said... it always is. Well you lot voted overwhelmingly to leave the EU then you say well what about the money? That wasn't us, that was the Councils that said that... we on the other hand have gone through so much beating down, no jobs, huge hikes for years in Concil tax, mostly due to Second home owners discounts (now stopped thankfully) and money grabbing landlords from London and elsewhere, that buy all the properties that come onto the market. Register that it's for student use (no Council Taxes because the property is student rentals). Then charge the students Crazy prices for just one room in the property. Well there are a lot of us that remember how prosperous we used to be before our tin mines and fishing industry was taken from us. Maggie thanks for the memories not, and the EU for taking away our fishing rites that we've had four thousands of years. We voted on mass to get our fishing industry back! So our boats can go out when they what and not told that you can only fish in a month what the rest of the EU were aloud to fish in a day. :( That is the reason why we voted!!
Vika Paw
That is bad
This was the wettest summer since 1766.
nukz x viperz
i'm here from my geography homework assignment lol
Ian Campbell-Harris
I was there the day before it got flooded...with my two step kids. We were parked in the car park right next to the river.
Ram MT-07
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Eric Newsom
Water is scary
Jack Boardman
Ben Williams
Unlike many other countries, I wonder why Britain doesn't have a high death toll if there's flooding?
I mean, I like them to, but what has that comment got anything to do with this?
Mark Underwood
What on earth ? All of this was rebuilt. I was there two years ago and all the damage has been repaired.
Remarkably none!
jack forsythe
i like boobs
Laura McC
no one was killed
worse injury was a broken thumb :P
kayleigh danks
how many people were killed?
DarkxFuture Clan
can you send me a link for this video please
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Boscastle, Flash Flood Boscastle Floods Footage from 4 months ago   04:30

Boscastle 16 August 2004