I'm in a DISNEY MOVIE! Draw My Life - TheDiamondMinecart | 1,000,000 2 weeks ago   12:46

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this is actually crazy. I'M IN A DISNEY MOVIE!

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Semi Order
take a shot everytime someone talks
Victor Martinez
Ghvgng uhh gg
KL3VTR0N Warton
Channel name KL3VTR0N warton
Takifanatic Love
2:10 whos that in the backround in the left?
Rogan O'Brien 49 (STUDENT)
1. Amazing video! 2. Turkeyboy55 is BEAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
grooviest globe4
His voice is different in the movie ._.
nerfer games98
I’m so sad he’s only the UK version 😭😭
Robert Baker
Cristina Quiñones
And he is in minecratfstorymode
riley pros
Dan it’s been so long that I watched you you are the best I’ve watched you for 5 years I watched since I was 4 I’m 9 years old
Katelyn Marshall-Zyba
school trip next week to go see it as a special treat, exited to see EBoy!
I watched this on Sunday in 3D. When I heard your voice in the movie, I immediatly smiled.
I watch the movie and I love ur parts
oooooooooooh, I watched the movie before knowing you voiced in it, and it wasn't UK version, I thought that since I couldn't recognize you I wasn't a true fan, turns out only Uk version, im dumb
Amelia Mann
Amelia Mann
Yaaaaay! 😍
If DANTDM dies give him his subs to pewds
bobby Nuttall
Your a bad bother
bobby Nuttall
Winter Webkinz
My name is Gemma............................
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Draw My Life - TheDiamondMinecart | 1,000,000 I'm in a DISNEY MOVIE! 2 weeks ago   09:22

"A Draw My Life Special for you.."
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Hi guys! This has been requested a whole ton so I hope that you enjoy it as it took a lot of work to put together. Here is the first of my 1,000,000 Subscriber specials, a Draw My Life.

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