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this is actually crazy. I'M IN A DISNEY MOVIE!

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Morgan Green
OMG 😮 so cool saw the movie and I thought I recognised the voice
Darcy Hamada
On official released of "Ralph breaks the Internet" the Eboy was voiced by Sean Giambore. Why not you?
I saw the movie U WAS THERE u was SUPER CUTE!
Hey the new movie is so cool ive seen it and i say you!
Brooklyn's MooTube
I love that movie ❗️
Francis Sanchez
Ethan Cartledge
Splatoon boy
That's weird I watch the movie and the eboy scene I was not dan voice it was a different actor unless it was only for the UK version
I want to see you but I live in USA
Small Pastel Ghost
did disney not realize what eboy means skskksks
Frank Deaver
wait so your voice in the movie is only available fro the uk so the american version wont have you? im confused.
Nae Vlogs
At the eboy scene I didn’t hear dantdm
chicken face
Except for the fact that... you aren't?
Alexis Sumpter
I just watched the movie and the cast but in shots voice it said Sean something. They cut his voice out. So disappointing.😢😢😢😢
I'm so sad
Yuan Cables
I am a big butt put your head in my big butt cause its a headbutt
gene ryan
I've watched this movie
BlazeRalph Geming
Ay same my Ralph pro
Dan I watched uk version and you was not in it
SuperTree 9678
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Draw My Life - TheDiamondMinecart | 1,000,000 I'm in a DISNEY MOVIE! 3 months ago   09:22

"A Draw My Life Special for you.."
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Hi guys! This has been requested a whole ton so I hope that you enjoy it as it took a lot of work to put together. Here is the first of my 1,000,000 Subscriber specials, a Draw My Life.

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