Herd Rescues Buffalo from Lion's And Tigers No Match For Animals 1 day ago   05:05

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Over a decade ago, there was an epic battle between lions, buffaloes and a crocodile at a waterhole called Transport dam. That video was aptly named Battle at Kruger. Well, 10 years later, the next generations of lions at Transport Dam recently faced their own failed hunt due to a huge herd of buffalo and crocodiles interfering!

Thuli Khumalo, head of Atamela Tours, captured this heart-pumping sighting while on a tour to the Kruger National Park.

After lunch at Skukuza Rest Camp, Atamela’s game drive full of tourists arrived at the world-famous Transport Dam, in the hopes of seeing some action. Little did they know what they were actually in for.

They spotted a pride of lions lying in the shade, overlooking the water.
If you spot lions hiding in the shade at a waterhole, it is often a good idea to stick around. Lions are opportunistic, so they will often try and hunt any animal that comes close enough.

Surely enough, a large herd of impala went down to the water and the lions gave chase! The impalas were too fast for the lions, but at the edge of the water, they spotted an old buffalo bull.

The lions chased that buffalo and it ran into the water where out of nowhere, a crocodile starts taking a go at the already targeted buffalo.

The buffalo decides that the water is probably more dangerous than on land, where it can potentially outrun the pride of lions that are now waiting for him to re-emerge from the water.

As soon as the buffalo hit the surface, he makes a run for it, with the lions following close on its tail.
When buffaloes are under threat, they will call for help. Luckily, for this buffalo, his calls were answered!

A massive herd of buffalo that was on its way to the dam saw the commotion and chased the lions away, saving the life of fellow buffalo, unbeknown to us if it is from the same herd.

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nadeem ahmedkhan
Wow good baffalo grop save another baffalo
nadeem ahmedkhan
O no man😢😢
mohammed rashel
lions r pussys
mohammed rashel
u fucking buffalo with loud mouths
I love kumar sanu
Hahahaha ab fatiiii
Frank Jastremski
That was one tough buffalo no dinner for that crocodile.
Umashankar Yadav
Nice vedio
One should never go on a safari with a bunch of chatter boxes. Very irritating talk through out the episode. Even the lions got frustrated and they gave up..
Búfalo bravo lutou pela vida .
Heribert Blümel
ihr arschlöcher begeilt euch dabei zuzusehen wie man tötet, grandios unglaublich, was für menschen seid ihr
Saul Severa
Estos videos sobresalen por su gran valor educativo
Hans Wurst
Love the german Granny whos talkin in the Background there haha
Nancy QA
Jose Luis Alvarez
Putas viejas parece que les están metiendo la verga
tama’s pajamas
I love this video ♥️
Were the Lions and the Croc scared off from the heard of buffalo or that shrill screaming coming from that woman so excited she wet herself jabbing like a hyena, trying to do a David Attenborough narration.
عاشق القهوة B.k32
الله لايحطني مكانك 🙇🏻‍♂️🙇🏻‍♂️😢😢
Omg nature is so damn cruel and brutal, I can’t believe prey animals have to deal with stuff like this every day. Their whole lives are spent trying to avoid getting brutally killed by so many different animals and it’s so sad and scary.
Watchful Mind
Do not cheat on title.
aldrian Novriyadi
Wow baddas bufallo..
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Lion's And Tigers No Match For Animals Herd Rescues Buffalo from 1 day ago   09:51

These visuals are a proof that a few wild animals are way stronger than Tigers and Lion's.

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