Fast food chicken: Testing Dirty hotel rooms: Hidden 1 day ago   22:27

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We test grilled chicken sandwiches from Subway, McDonald's, A&W, Wendy's and Tim Hortons to find out how much chicken is in that chicken.
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Bobby Bingheimer
Wood pulp
Bobby Bingheimer
Come on DNA testing what don't they get
James Cruickshank
No Chick-fil-A?
ant-1 -1
35 years in the meat industry from processing plants to retail. Seen it all!! Their is a simple solution though, don't eat at fast food places and cook at home. Its not rocket science.
Ropata Turner
Foetal human d.n.a was not tested for ,even thuogh it is used as a food additive.As Rabbi Finkelstein said "We will mak you eat your babie s".
It's pure and simple. We're being treated as sheep and we start behaving as one. Baaaaa :)
Bob Bob
•Gets chicken
•Tries to sell it
•Sells nothing
•Puts not chicken in chicken
•Sells 20 millions
Bob Bob
Where exactly did you get these supposed “customers”
Bob Bob
Chicken isn’t a element it cant be 100% real or 80% real
Normally I wouldn't care too much about this, but they shouldn't put sugar into things. Why do companies always have to dump so much sugar into products?
Anna Garcia
They tryna get sued sued
Tommaso Truzzi
Lady with high pressure please! There are so many alternatives to save yourself from cooking in the summer!
Jad Deiranieh
How did a Subway lover not now which one is subway by the looks?
Grace Gracy Boo
The tasting part made me annoyed. Ugh and I dont even know why lol
They should have done KFC, I wonder what the results would have been..
King Cuan
Can you guys teach the kid how to hold a knife and fork dang it
It's ironic how the fattest person in the video is the one providing the healthiest choice 🤣
Sydney Suttles
The lady was acting like a top secret agent when she was skewering the sandwiches
Chef looks the most unhealthy
Comparing foods from different fast food places is pointless if you don't also compare PRICES. OF COURSE, if it tastes better, it will cost MORE. OF COURSE, for instance, Five Guys' Burgers will taste better than McD's.....
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Dirty hotel rooms: Hidden Fast food chicken: Testing 1 day ago   21:51

Originally broadcast October 18, 2013

Marketplace is checking back in to six of Canada’s largest hotel chains, testing to see if they have cleaned up their act after we revealed The Dirt on Hotels last year. Are the stains on the sheets and walls gone? Are the bathrooms and ice machines free of bacteria? Despite promises to address the shocking conditions, bedroom surprises still lurk in some of Canada’s most popular hotels.

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