To Trade the Audi R8 for a BMW i8? The $3.5Million Bugatti Chiron ft. the Lamborghini 1 day ago   16:11

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C&D Gaming
Focus rs please that would be so sick and it’s much cheaper then your other options you could get other cars in addition to it
Jaylon Shelton
Jaylon Shelton
He should get a mustang gr
Hey strad I have 2 rolesryse do you want 1 for free
LeMon James
3:39 woah
Do the trade for the R8 for the i8 it has more cool features in my opinion.
Steven May
Nick should buy a mustang.
5:12 I'm probably the only one to stand up and put my hand on my heart when the U.S National Anthem played.
Paul Peach
Free my arse how much are the tickets for standard people what a bellend
He should drive a mustang
Vedansh Garg
HOw does James always find hypercars..........
BMW m6
The Adamsbrother's Vlogs
0:06 edit the meme after that im Gay
FAL4Dark FatherOfAllStorms
Am I the only one who wants to know what happened after the end of that clip at 5:06?
Finn Green
Discovery or Range Rover
Nick should drive a Dodge Charger Hellcat they are about $45,000 if I am correct and I think he would rock it!
Joey Guliano
i8 looks much better than r8
i cant get enough of your videos !!!!!!!!!!!Always Amazing CONTINUED success!!!!!
Ziyad Johnstone
When in HK you do not eat McD's
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The $3.5Million Bugatti Chiron ft. the Lamborghini To Trade the Audi R8 for a BMW i8? 1 day ago   16:10

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