To Trade the Audi R8 for a BMW i8? The Hidden Hypercar Vault underneath 2 days ago   16:11

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Robert Jacobo
How come you only make one video a week you should make at least two
Nicholas Lavoie
Don’t like the i8 keep the R8 or trade it for the ff
Lamborghini urus or a Ferrari f12. Or even a Ferrari GTC4 lusso 🌚
Joshua_brawl Stars
You should come to singapore for the formula 1 Grand Prix
Luka 610-4
Feels like u haven't posted in years. Its been only like 4 days
Takumi Oikawa
0:06 im gay
mr. gaming
More specifically kowloon
mr. gaming
Omg believe it or not I’m in Hong-Kong right now
Odogg Playz
He should get a Tesla model Y
Newton T
Evo or wrx especially for the snow
matt chu
What about a Tesla 2020 roadster
Original_content___ -
Nick needs to get a second gen Dodge Ram obviously
Robert Mcpherson
Nick = 2014 Ford Raptor svt
hunter perock
Tesla model y
Don't give Nick or anyone else a hard time for showing the National Anthem the respect it deserves!
Raf M
Please get a panamara
Raf M
Can’t wait for the dog🐶!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pop IT
You should get a Ferrari 458
Buy a skyline or a gtr or maybe a Supra
2025 Carter Zluticky
daily uploads
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The Hidden Hypercar Vault underneath To Trade the Audi R8 for a BMW i8? 2 days ago   12:43

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