Benefits of Becoming a Section 8 Landlord Tips to be Successful with Section 3 months ago   08:45

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Although Section 8 isn’t suited for all landlords, Bryan Chavis dispels all myths and shares how it works exceptionally well for stabilizing his properties and growing his income. If you’re considering becoming a Section 8 housing landlord, here’s what you need to do, along with some of the program’s advantages.

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Sweet Tee
Physical Occupancy vs. Economic Occupancy....thought provoking! Good stuff sir! 👌
what many low life crooked landlords do say they have a apartment that is worth 900 dollars rent and workign class people refuse to pay more then that the low life crooked landlord tells section 8 he is willign to rent the apartment out to section 8 if they pay 1 thousand dollars a month and many times section 8 pays the amount also many sick in the head white middle class american savages who have very health hazard apartments that have tic infestation heating systems that dont work properly and its cold as hell in the apartmetn all winter bedbug problems etc etc they will victimize mentally ill people on sectioin 8 and rent them these health hazard apartments knowing the sick in the head white middle class american savages that run the law system and the board of healt will do nothing to them for victimizing the mentally ill and the poor in this manner its a very sick country runned by sick in the head criminals this has happend to me several times years ago when i was on section 8 that is why i gave up section 8 went to the state psych hospital adn got in a much better apartment program that pays higher rent and now adays for the past 10 years i only rent apartments from the arabic people they are one thoussand times better then the sick in the head whtie middle class americain lwo life savage animals and they rent us mentally ill people one thousand times better apartments even new apartments in new buildings i been living in the arabic neirghborhood for the past 10 years i am a white man and i never had a problem with the arabic people they treat me one thousand times better and they respect me one thousand times better the arabic people are my heros they saved me from the sick in the head evil white middle class american savage landlords who victiimize the poor and mentally ill all across the country in many many ways
Alfred Trejo
Absolutely My friend , Right On Point

Alfred us navy disabled veteran , Hud Vash Section 8 Participant , I will always respect my landlord agreement , You are a fair human being , my respect
open eye's
"At the end of the day" money is money
It's a common myth that section 8 renters are worse than non section 8 renters, I've had some great section 8 tenants and they tend to play by the rules more than someone who can just up and leave.
felix R.D
This was really helpful. Especially since I Lot of property managers don’t show up every month to inspect their property.
I use section 8.The tenants are no different than cash renters.You must have a strong lease and must enforce it in order to make it work.Thanks for the video....
Nicole Y M
He looks 😠 mad.
adam C
This is so true. Glad I bought your book.
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Tips to be Successful with Section Benefits of Becoming a Section 8 Landlord 3 months ago   13:32

Tips to be Successful with Section 8 Rental Properties

Tips and advice to be successful renting to section 8 tenants. I have managed an portfolio of section 8 properties and have had great results. So I wanted to layout the section 8 process and how section 8 works in this video.

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