Monster Hobbies Street Racing Redline Restoration : 1968 Ford 4 months ago   15:05

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This is my re-creation of the Slot Car track seen on the 1966 Batman TV show. This was built using Carrera Digital Slot Car Tracks and used in our Street Car racing league in 2016.

Do you enjoy Slot Car racing? Why not come and race in our league?

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Edward Skaggs
IWhen I was a kid there was a slot car track in my hometown. there was a bunch of kids that raced cars and I would build cars using old model cars and beer cans. They were metal and I shaped chassis from them. I would buy motors and electric brush systems, and shaped them into cars that could compete with the expensive cars the rich White kids raced. The management of the place loved my cars as I did things like staggered tires, offset drives, and if i crashed I would fix the cars and race them again. Some of the rich kids would give me their old stuff and i would use it. I amassed a large collection of parts like this. I didn't win much but I just liked racing. Eventually I outgrew slot cars and became a worker but I never forgot what I learned in those days and I am a racing fan to this day.
jon dough
Bruce Wayne was surely ahead of his time. What with having a digital racetrack in 1966.
How do u rub 4 cars on a single slot car track with 4 lanes
James Tucker
Hi what episode of the batman TV show was this track layout featured on? Also is scalectrix or carrarra available in four lanes? or two lanes? I mean the question is do I have to buy two track pieces to make four lanes??
I had a pretty big set up in my basement circa 1974 and when I ran the cars it would make my parents television picture go crazy with lines then my mom made me stop playing
That's awesome track but need a lot of space to setup 🇬🇧👍👍
Head Coach
Head Coach
We had "Tom Thumb" in the 60"s in Chicago. Goofy name for a slot car establishment but it was pretty big (for about 2 years and then it died). Do those cars still have brushes to get the power to the car ??
Davida Harris
We had a Larger type Track as Kids, it was so FUN ! Forgot the Toy Brand...have any in your Head to jog my memory ???
Orlando Ariel
Meraviglioso !!! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Rex Mueller
we had an old hobby store in town, where we'd spend our paper route money back in the 60's. he had a huge 1/24 track. we had 1/32 at home.
mostly i was a Match box, WWII airplane kind of kid, but the track was a ball to watch.
Are all the slots equal length?
Giancarlo Moscetti
As a kid growing up in the '60s, there were at least 4 excellent tracks in my hometown.  My brother and I had 1/24th scale cars, dad didn't have much money but what he did have he made sure my brother and I had fun.  Often times he'd take us to a hobby shop that specialized in Lionel trains, but in the 'back room' had this AWESOME slot car track, and the shop owner would let us race on the track for next to nothing, knowing the financial situation my dad was in.  I still have my first car, in fact.Great times, good memories.
Miraposa Jehano
This street racing game is exactly as I remember never worked!!!
Vickie Gorman
Man at one point the track near us put in a drag strip. I used a coat hanger cut the motor plate portion off a stocker then built a 1/24 scale top fuel dragster which fit well and with the kit motor cut in half looked down right real. Ha it was not the fastest but everyone wanted it. These were always fun.
Troy Schuh
Damn this brought back memories. Me and my friends would race for hours back in the 70s. I had a Ford gt40 and a cuda that I ran the wheels off of.
Tom R
Romanian from NYC here. have a good one.
amber lopez
What total nerd. Give's out the point numbers at the end of the race. Classic💋
Peppermint Catsass
I remember what those electric motors smelled like when we ran them hard in the 60s, also the lights in our 1940s home would dim a little whe had both cars wide open...good times❤
Michael Hall
That's an awesome track. My favorite Tyco slot car was a Porsche 911 Carrera which inspired me to own a real one much later in life.
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Redline Restoration : 1968 Ford Monster Hobbies Street Racing 4 months ago   09:12

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