The Steelers got hoodwinked by Antonio Brown Where is Chicky ? Funny Chicky 2 months ago   06:52

Stephen A. Smith is furious with the Pittsburgh Steelers after they agreed to trade Antonio Brown to the Oakland Raiders for a third and fifth-round pick while taking on $21.1 million in dead money against their salary cap. Max Kellerman suggests that this is how the Steelers operate and they drew a line in the sand to send a message to their players that the franchise will not let this situation happen again.

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big dog
i disagree smith . brown is a selfish , distraction to any team he is on. he is a blow hard , I think he has mental problems . visions of grandeur. good luck to who ever has brown on there roster.
Mike Jones
Who cares AB is cancer to a football team. The raiders will suck again.
Theron D
Good for Antonio Brown! Good for the Raiders?
tabatha f
bell and brown needed to go. steelers cant win superbowls with selfish players. we had very good players and they wouldnt work together as a team. bell refused to play for 14 million and brown didnt show up for an important practice. they both needed to go.
Padla Rap
S.A says he won't mention the P word again, but his face is telling another story.
Barbara Klein
I know the real reason why I am Tony O'Brien wanted to go to Oakland because this m*********** is a homosexual he's a faget he's going to be next to San Francisco and you know that's where all the f*** are so he could drive his car a hundred miles an hour down to San Francisco get some dude have a good night with him that's why he wanted to go to Oakland and that's the bottom line
Barbara Klein
Yeah the Steelers got rid of Brian and the other dick head but when you have these kind of people in your organization you want to get rid of them and the Steelers knew that if they wanted to get rid of those two people for anything they can get if they could have just give them away at least they got something because these two people are bad they're bad for an organization yeah they're great oh yeah they are you can't you can't doubt that they are freaking great but whenever they disrupt a locker room in a franchise not showing up for game and all the whole night for season you know hey get rid of them they don't want to play a get rid of them you know hell last season hell we don't we didn't want to Champion we didn't win a championship with you and we probably won't win a championship without you so f*** you thank you God damn money shove it up your ass don't cry on someone's shoulder and make another working ization hate you that's all I got to say
Drew Weikum
One month later, couldn’t be more happy to have him out of the locker room.
Kenny Barnett
Stephen A is more right than he knows.
Sorry guys, I love this move by the Raiders....
NFL app just said he is going to flop with Carr and duh RAIDDDDDUUUUHGS! 80 catches for 1000yards!!!! Yeaaaaaaa.... lol sure 😂😂😂😂😂 #RN4L
Horace Fisher
He got all of you guys! 😃
He played everybody and played a Playboy roll and got to the team and city where he wanted to be!
gary purewal
Hoodwinked... get used to it
Matthew Hewitt
0:10 0:21
Calico Jack Rackham
There are over 700 Adult Amateur football leagues in the US that DO NOT pay players. In fact, most leagues require their member teams to make their players pay to play the game. I know. I was a Defensive Coordinator for a Double-A ball club for 4 years. Our players had to pay $200 or get a business/individual to sponsor them. There are TONS of guys AND gals who love playing ball and do so even when they have to pay for the pleasure AND supply all their own gear. That love of the game goes all the way to the highest levels. That commentator doesn't know what he is talking about.
I am really liking that guy less and less every time I hear crap come out of his mouth.
Jag Claw
This dude whines a lot. Wow!
Eric Pearson
Ok I'm not saying Bell and Brown aren't studs that's not the question. But they were selfish guys who have both played several years and produced ZERO rings!!! Somehow Rothlisberger managed to win 2 without them. Good on Pittsburgh!👍👍👍 Bell and Brown will never win a Superbowl but get that $$$
Mike Ochinero
its kinda simple.... money...and respect. the best players deserve both
Who cares about Steven A. Smith being pissed off? Until he shaves his head to look like a respectable adult, he's just a Muppet head loud mouth. Pittsburg has issues. If Steven Ass Smith cares so much about the Pittsburg Steelers, then he ought to sign up and play for them.
Tyshaun Thorbourne
All very true but we still a good team wit good talent on both sides of the we got 10 picks in this years draft...we in a better position than most teams would be in this situation
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