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Isaias Afwerki Gash-Barka Tour Gash Barka - Eritrea food 5 months ago   10:01

Eritrea's President Conducts Inspection Tour in Gash-Barka Region
Sep 21, 2007, 16:47

Asmara, Eritrea 21 September 2007- President Isaias Afwerki conducted a three-day inspection tour of agricultural and infrastructure projects in Gash-Barka region from 19 to 21 September.

The President inspected cultivation sites and micro-dam construction activities in Kachero, Eingulit, Gerset, Fanko, Tessenei, Aligidir, Afhimbol and Molober, as well as other localities. Experts briefed him on the work progress and tasks to be accomplished such as proper crop harvesting and controlling insecticide.

In the course of his inspection tour of projects regarding agricultural infrastructure, President Isaias held discussions with experts ways of effectively benefiting from water diversion schemes of Eingulit, Hashenkit, Asheda and the like, as well as Gerset and Fanko dams.

In Tessenei he inspected Barka and Aligidir farms and the store facilities put in place by Segen Construction Company, in addition to visiting the Alebu Agro Industry. Moreover, in Afhimbol, the President inspected sugar and paste processing plants, during which discussions were held on prospects of expanded agricultural development. Also in Molober Farm, he inspected initiatives taken to make good use of underground water recourses.

At the end of his inspection tour, President Isaias gave in-depth briefings, as regards ensuring food security, to agricultural and machinery experts assigned in the region, as well as heads of government-managed garages, among others.


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