Surviving R. Kelly: Lisa VanAllen FULL INTERVIEW – Part 1: Lisa 2 months ago   02:42

Survivor Lisa VanAllen shares her story in this clip from Episode 2. #Lifetime
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Shay Sitney
This girl did another interview and said the complete opposite
Verbs describe us
in this way the image of the perfect star equals the perfect human being is blown away
Elita -
Black women have been abused for years upon years, so it’s a pattern through their life because they think it’s normal. They were children, they were excited to see their icon.. to see someone so big in the black community. I don’t doubt not one bit of them going through what they went through. I don’t blame them for surviving the best way they saw fit.
Hello Hart
R Kelly is guilty for sure.... but I JUST watched her interview with Vlad, she said she was willing to do his first 3 sum because she wanted to be the one to give him that. She's a clout chaser.
Lemon Tree
He's a child molester stop defending him!
toyo 250
This girl cut class and went to his trail, heard all the trash on R Kelly and when ask to come to his house and bring a bathing suit she went, I think if he'd married her she prolly wouldn't be in this position!
Manzi Nicholas
Y'all Killin him man
I hope everyone came back and listened to their stories again...bc after so many interviews plz listen very carefully and read between each words that was told on this documentary 🤑
IMBG_ Brian
Hold up y come out now tho cmon now
I wanna kill him
Jim Richardson
She’s just mad because he used her and she didn’t get any money in the end
So Planned Parent does abortions? Why not just admit it? That's why PP is always in an urban area never in suburbs or higher class area. Planned Parenthood wants to wipe black people out! Hillary Clinton was a firm supporter of Margeret Sanger. Had Sangar been alive 90% of the black pop would not be here.
I don’t want to watch this whole thing, so can someone tell me if there was actual reliable evidence and not a bunch of girl that are prolly lying
~ I believe he can fly ~
What really gets me is the fact of if Lifetime and these people want this story out in the public; why you made it to where you either have to own cable, or buy the episodes on youtube. Granted I've seen it thanks to a streaming service I have, but a lot of people don't do cable anymore, and they're not going to pay to watch it. So it starts sounding more like you guys are trying to rip money from this, and aren't about getting the truth out.

I do not like companies who attempt to gain profit over something as serious as this, especially when it's just a matter of removing the required payment from the videos you've already uploaded to youtube. If you want to add it to youtube for people and then do monetizing on it, that's fine. But to tell people "hey, we have the truth, BUT you gotta pay" is really a low move, and the victims shouldn't even have agreed to those conditions if they also wanted this story out so bad.

There's a big difference between a company saying "We want to gain profit on what we provide" and "This is serious, we truly care, and we want everyone to know what really happened".
Bigg B
All he did was pee on you
skullcrusher 642
Looks like she sees something wrong with a little bump n grind
Shy McLean
Who was the friend who came to the studio
Maggie A
This is so sad...he's talented, made a fortune and for someone who comes from a difficult background he could have done so many amazing things for other people, for kids, for the music industry but instead he made a decision to do quite the opposite. 😔 I hope that all the people out there, dreaming about fame and money, will understand that a real achievement in life is becoming a good person who lifts others rather than trimming their wings and not letting them fly.
Steve Cohen
Leave R Kelly alone he is INNOCENT, they just found out that he doesn't appear to be wealthy. Someone had to pay $100,000 to get him out on bail. So the main reason why these females lied is because they assumed they could get money out of him and gain publicity. Unfortunately R kelly has made some bad business deals which has caused him to not be wealthy as he should be. LEAVE R KELLY ALONE HE DOESN'T HAVE ANY MORE MONEY TO GIVE YOU PEOPLE.
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FULL INTERVIEW – Part 1: Lisa Surviving R. Kelly: Lisa VanAllen 2 months ago   03:09

Lisa Van Allen is here from the docuseries “Surviving R. Kelly” to talk about the recent shooting threat at the screening, the difference between R. Kelly and Rob, and her message to his fans.