Does LeBron regret joining 'We're in uncharted territories' if LeBron 3 months ago   06:58

Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman debate whether LeBron James regrets joining the Los Angeles Lakers.

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kerry b
Shut up you little pussys when LeBron takes Lakers to the finals and wins next year we will say what you pussys say then
Should’ve gone to Philly.
Sherwin Tandingan
..i think lebron go to lakers coz it is said that this young talents need leader, lebron want to lead and polish this young talents, he wants to prove that he has a better leadership than jordan (lebron chase the ghost - jordan), but it goes in opposite way..
BTW in my observation, talented player when team up to lebron, become an average player, like kevin love, isaiah thomas jr., etc.
Lebron has basketball talent, but lack the ability to boost the morale of the team.
Jacked Johnson
This is why he's not in the GOAT conversation because he can't make the playoffs with a decent roster. Jordan's roster in his first three-peat was arguably worse than Lebrons current team. I mean Paxon, Williams, Cartwright, King, Perdue, Grant was alright, and Pippen was good. He's got Chandler, Rondo, Ingram, Kuzma, Stephenson - more help if you ask me

The Lakers should be a playoff team.
Bacons Strip
He should have gone to Philly, taken a paycut, and just stacked on 3 more championships.
Duyan Tso
Max is the man! Always speaks the truth. Boxing and now b ball. Dude is awesome
Duyan Tso
He's not a winner. Drama queen . Lost all respect for him already when he went to miami then again when he left to clev again.
Only reason Minnesota accepted that trade for Kevin love is because of Anthony Bennett not wiggins smh
Team IronMan
LeBron should've ate his pride and took a pay cut and went to Golden State. #Guaranteed championships ##Facts
Peter James
Should came to philly
Sammy Hayes
They could of had a starting 5 of Simmons Butler LeBron Harris and Embiid
Sammy Hayes
LeBron should of signed with Philly
Desmond Ciauri
francisco arienza
fuck bron bron
Andre Dubose
Since they didn't get Anthony Davis now it's better long for Anthony Davis to go to the Clippers who are younger and going to be around longer.Lebron is great but he's close to the end of his career.
Galai Ceesay
max is right, lakers should have kept D'rus drafted Mitchel / Tatum Guys like that. Even there last 1st rounder this year doesnt fit the time line.
LeBron should have gone to the 76ers, LeBron, Embiid & Simmons a winning combination!
Unknown Gambit
He almost got all his teammates trades, I would be pissed if I was one of them so obviously the chemistry is messed up.
SunRae* **
He went there for his Hollywood career. The people he f##ked over leaving the east. No more rings for you.
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'We're in uncharted territories' if LeBron Does LeBron regret joining 3 months ago   01:09