Trump's Weird Lie About Raking CNN's Chris Cuomo: Ivanka 7 months ago   12:50

Late Night with Seth Meyers
Seth takes a closer look at President Trump making up another weird thing about a foreign country while attacking a retired admiral for not getting Osama bin Laden sooner.
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Trump's Weird Lie About Raking in Finland: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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Toby mak
Germany is doing fine Back off.😁
Toby mak
Weird.he's a bit case.😂
Captin Marvle
Thank God still the Third World War did not happen 🤫🤫🤫
Dr. Red Pill
william walsh
The world: George W. Bush is the dumbest president any of us will ever see...

Trump: well folks that's a load of covfefe, hold my bone spurs!
Charles Lee
Donald Trump is mentally ill....... tweet so sad
kathy Turner
Trump doesn’t know what he is talking about. Be careful Donny you are going to piss off some county that is going to come after him. I can’t believe his supporters are really that stupid to really believe they support him. These people next to him look like they are trying to tell him to shut up. No wonder his father had to pay colleges to get him in. His father knew how stupid his was that is why he left him money because if he was smart he should be able to make money on his own.
Larry Sherrill
WHAT ARE YOU HIDING...MOCRATS. MOC-RATS will run a sham-e form of government called a " MOCRACY", OR AS UNHINGED " MO-CRAZY "means there are no rules or common decency. Raid the government for all the cash you can get. Can you really believe anything they say. They have done no work for months and If they were paid for what they did they would not even make minimum wage.

They have given up truth for political power, all of them. Truth will now run from them if they ever return they must face their sins, do not lie to yourself and believe they will turn around and be people with the best of intentions.

They are not democrats anymore for they have forsaken the constitution for power they are now, " Moc-rats" and they believe in a form of Government called, " Mocracy" and they will abandon you as they sail by in their own life boats. They have abandoned common rule to protect a corrupt secretary of state. They will shove money in their pockets while they crash the economy.

They do not have your interests at heart. The faster they crash your car the more power they have.
Trump as President is the office and he has several legal titles, Commander in Chief of the Armed forces, I believe he is also the Chief legal officer of the Justice department and duty bound to hear and understand any serious allegations that impact the operation of this country. And to pass along to responsible offices any serious allegations for recusal or investigation by those offices. The reporter doesn't even know to whom he is speaking. Since a real justice department will not consider an investigation that has no merit for prosecution what do they really have to fear. ONLY THE GUILTY NEED OBJECT SO MUCH... WHAT ARE YOU HIDING.
There is no evidence to support impeachment, President Trump may be able to charge Nancy Pelocy as leader of the Democrats for Harassment and defamation for making repeated unfounded, unsubstantiated unfounded claims against President Trump after the Mueller report showed there to be no grounds for impeachment, in fact, he could even try to impeach Pelosi for harassment and defamation which is also a crime.
Trump Famous Quote *I Never Said That it's fake news* 🤪
Melody Boudreaux
Trump has no friends, so this is an obvious lie!
Graham Brockie
Ha Ha ...... maybe he should find out about the vampires in Romania, and that they fly into America and wait and hide ........ Vampire take over bid..... lets see him go banannas on that one
Graham Brockie
He reminds me of Bill Murray from caddyshack ...... what a dick
Straight Shooter
I just bumped into tis channel The Closer Look while trying to find info bout Huawei n tis ridiculous trade war with Chins n wow , ur now become my favourite channel 😍.
Its true. Ur President is really stupid ! He obviously doesn't think before he speak !
Now he has to lick back what he spit in order to get back in China's good book. Which an arrogant man like him wont do , so the rest of the economic world have to suffer ...
fake laugh track
sfat fuxia
TRUMP 2020 BABY!!!
Don sprash
An attack on Sweden
Rocky Racoon
How The hell could that idiot become The president of USA. I don't think that is a laughing matter
I might not be a talented comedian but at least I can bark out Orange Man Bad like a natural reflex.
zoki m
6.00. Seth you are fun to bring trump to talk so much nonsence is only possible with cyber glassis on his eyes where run his own nonsence program
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CNN's Chris Cuomo: Ivanka Trump's Weird Lie About Raking 7 months ago   39:41

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